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Madoka Gray-Mitsumune, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Biology
Undergraduate Program Director, Biology
Co-op Academic Director, Biology

Madoka Gray-Mitsumune, PhD


PhD (U.B.C.)

As a lecturer I do not have a research lab. My background is in plant biotechnology, cell biology, development, genetics and genomics.

Teaching activities

Genetics and Cell Biology Laboratory
General Biology (BIOL 202)
Functional Genomics

Selected publications

Lafleur E, Kapfer C, Joly V, Liu Y, Tebbji F, Daigle C, Gray-Mitsumune M, Cappadocia M, Nantel  A and Matton DP 2015. The FRK1 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase (MAPKKK) from Solanum chacoense is involved in embryo sac and pollen development. Journal of Experimental Botany 66: 1833-1843.

Chantha S, Gray-Mitsumune M, Houde J and Matton DP 2010. The MIDASIN and NOTCHLESS genes are essential for female gametophyte development in Arabidopsis thaliana. Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants 16: 3-18.

Germain H, Gray-Mitsumune M and Matton DP 2008. ScORK17, a transmembrane receptor-like kinase predominantly expressed in ovules is involved in seed development. Planta 228: 851-62.

Gray-Mitsumune M, Blomquist K, McQueen-Mason S, Teeri TT, Sundberg B and Mellerowicz EJ 2008. Ectopic expression of a wood-abundant expansin PttEXPA1 promotes cell expansion in primary and secondary tissues in aspen. Plant Biotechnology Journal 6: 62-72.

Gray-Mitsumune M, O'Brien M, Bertrand C, Tebbji F, Nantel A and Matton DP 2006. Loss of ovule identity induced by overexpression of the fertilization-related kinase 2 (ScFRK2), a MAPKKK from Solanum chacoense. J Exp Bot 57: 4171-4187 The cover page article in December 2006 issue.

Gray-Mitsumune M and Matton DP. The Egg apparatus 1 gene from maize is a member of a large gene family found in both monocots and dicots 2006. Planta 223: 618-625.

Gray-Mitsumune M, Mellerowicz EJ, Abe H, Schrader J, Winzéll A, Sterky F, Blomqvist K, McQueen-Mason S, Teeri TT and Sundberg B 2004. Secondary xylem-abundant expansins belong to the Subgroup A a-expansin gene family and exhibit conservation among different wood-forming species. Plant Physiology 135: 1552-1564.

Gray-Mitsumune M, Molitor EK, Cukovic D, Carlson JE, and Douglas CJ. 1999. Developmentally regulated patterns of expression directed by poplar PAL promoters in transgenic tobacco and poplar. Plant Mol. Biol. 39: 657-669

Education conference/workshop presentations

Gray-Mitsumune M July 2015.  160 students, 20 groups, 1 TA: transforming a large classroom into a small classroom-like environment. The Western Conference on Science Education. London, Ontario. Peer-reviewed.

Gray-Mitsumune M June 2015. Transforming a large classroom into a small classroom-like environment with an online group project. Supporting Active Learning & Technological Innovation in Studies of Education (SALTISE) Annual Conference. John Abbott College, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec. Session chair.

Gray-Mitsumune M October 2014. Moodle faculty demo. e.Scape Conference at Concordia University.

Gray-Mitsumune M July 2014. How to discourage academic dishonesty. Plant Biology 2014 Portland, Oregon, USA

Gray-Mitsumune M June 2013. Plagiarism: Let’s shed some light on the dark subject. Education Workshop at Annual Meeting of Canadian Society of Plant Biologists. Saint-Foy, Quebec.

Gray-Mitsumune M April 2013. Moodle as a blended learning tool. eScape Conference at Concordia University

Gray-Mitsumune M and Akizawa H 2012. Teaching abroad from home: eliminating physical and interdisciplinary boundaries using web conferencing. The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) Annual Conference. Montreal, Canada. Peer-reviewed.

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