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Dr. k.g. Guttman, PhD

Faculty in Residence, Studio Arts

Dr. k.g. Guttman, PhD


k.g. Guttman (she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and teacher,a solo mother, and a graduate of Leiden University's PhDArts program, the Netherlands, receiving funding from SSHRC for her work on situated performance and practice in the settler colonial context of Canada.

From the social location of a white settler of Jewish and Irish descent, she works on the complexities of the local, encompassing issues such as collaboration, visiting, kinship, epigenetics and hospitality.   Current research folds bodily memory and somatic practices in performance into questions of pedagogy, community and encounter.


Exhibitions and performances held at TPW Gallery and Blackwood Gallery in Toronto, VIVA! Art action, Dazibao Centre Art, andLaCentrale, Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal, Verticale Centre d’artistes, Laval, and Musée d’Art de Joliette, Klupko, Amsterdam, GalerieKhiasma and Palais de Tokyo, Paris.  Their choreographic residencies and commissions include l’Agora de la Danse and Tangente, Montreal, the Canada Dance Festival, Dancemakers, Toronto, LeGroupe Dance Lab, Ottawa, the University of Sonora, Mexico, BudaKustencentrum, Kortijk and Pointe Ephémère, Paris. Upcoming works (2024-2025) through L'Œil de Poisson, Quebec, and invited artist for7a*mgr8 [migrate], a project of the performance collective 7A-11d in Toronto.

Teaching activities

2023-25 Artist in Residence Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts)

FALL 2024
IMCA 400 Advanced Practices in Video, Performance and Electronic Arts

WIN 2025
IMCA 230 Performance Art

FALL 2023
 IMCA 230 Performance Art

IMCA 230 Performance Art
IMCA 610/612 MFA Studio - Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts)

Assistant Professor, Department of Contemporary Dance

2008-2013 Concordia University, Montreal, Department of Contemporary
Full Time Faculty
 Dance; Dance Technique, Choreography and Creative Process in Dancemaking

Research activities


Key research interests:

performance, site-situated performance, expanded video practices, dance as ritual, exhibition as research, performative exhibition practices, activism and gathering, embodiment,  settler colonial critical studies decolonial art practices, dramaturgy


Situated art practice (or in-situ practice) starts with entanglement, with the encumbrances already hanging in the air. I work with performance and practice that negotiate the fullness of site (history/ architecture/context) as informing what enfolds.

Situated practices attempt to interrupt unbounded autonomy that modernity gives us by embracing the specificity of relations and labour of an art event.

Visiting Hours, Exhibition, Gallery TPW, 2019

Artistic performances

Performances 2023-25

Verticale centre d'artistes, Laval 2024

Dette sans raison is the river at your door 

situated/participatory performance

(audio recording/ transportable objects in a kit/ takes place in a participant's house)

 a performance for one person, alone, in someone else’s residence. Adopting the role of an instigator, Guttman will, at a distance, accompany willing participants in a composed encounter of guest and host

Performance 2024 @ Attunement Session 4: Attention, Sensation, Sense-Making
Presented by The Blackwood in collaboration with Toronto Dance Theatre

curated by Christine Shaw and Andrew Tay

Curator’s note:
« Through artistic provocations, thought-experiments, and experiential exercises, the sessions foreground the necessity for deeper attunement to the processes of destruction and disaster making the world as we know it (accumulation, alienation, extraction, settlement...) and forms of composing and imagining the future we want to live in (affinities, edgings, interdependencies, proximities…). »

Online creative residency project 2025 Toronto Performance Art (7A11d) Collective 7a*mgr8 [migrate]

Digital creation response project of TPAC's public web archive

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