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Dr. Jisun Yu, PhD

Associate Professor, Management

Dr. Jisun Yu, PhD
Office: S-MB 13119  
John Molson Building,
1450 Guy
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2918

Jisun Yu joined the John Molson School of Business in 2007. She received her Ph.D. degree in Strategic Management and Organization from the University of Minnesota (2007). She received her MBA degree from Carnegie Mellon University (2002) and her BA degree in Anthropology from Seoul National University (1997). Her research has focused on the issues pertinent to firm internationalization. Her current research has broadened the scope and investigates the interplay between firms and social issues.  

Her current research projects involve the following: 1) The nature and effectiveness of political activities of multinational corporations (MNCs) in various host country contexts; 2) Internationalization process of financial service firms; and 3) A role of information technology in MNCs' global operation.  

Her work was published in Journal of International Business Studies, Organization Studies, Business & Society and Asia Pacific Journal of Management and forthcoming in Journal of Management Studies. She has also been awarded external research grants including Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Standard Research Grant and Fonds de Recherché sur la Societe et la Culture (FQRSC).


PhD (University of Minnesota)

Teaching activities

MSCA 647

GraduateSeminar in Strategic Management in the Global Context (MSc)


Management of Multinational Corporations 

Comm401 Strategy and Competition

MSCA 657

 Organizations and Strategy


Refereed Journal Articles

Jeong, Young-Chul, Jisun Yu, and Wonsang Ryu (2023). Connecting Cross‐Border Market Participants: The Intermediary Role of International Analysts in Global Capital Markets. Journal of Management Studies, Forthcoming.

Yu, Jisun and Seung-Hyun Lee (2021) “Bendingthe Rules or Changing Them? MNE Responses to Institutional Challenges in Transition Economies,” Business &Society, 60 (3), 727-763.

Yu,Jisun, Seung-Hyun Lee, and Kunsoo Han (2015) “FDI Motives, Market Governance,and Ownership Choice of MNEs: A Study of Malaysia and Thailand,” Asia Pacific Journal of Management. 32 (2), 335-362.   

Yu,Jisun and Sung Soo Kim (2013), “Liability of Foreignness in an Emerging Economy:Studying the Korean Asset Management Industry,” Asia Pacific Journal of Management30 (4),1191-1217.

Yu,Jisun and Srilata Zaheer (2010), “Building a Process Model of Local Adaptation of Practices: A Study of Six Sigma Implementation in Korean and US firms,” Journal of international Business Studies, 41 (3), 475-499.

Yu, Jisun, Rhonda Engleman, and Andrew H.Van de Ven (2005), “The Integration Journey: An Attention-Based View of the Merger and Acquisition Integration Process,” Organization Studies, 26(10), 1502-1528.   

Participation activities

Conference Presentations

Kim, Jinshil, Jisun Yu, and Seung-Hyun Lee, “Spillover Effects of Market Penalties for Foreign Corrupt Practices: Understanding Different Regulatory Events as Intermediary Signals,” Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Conference, online, August 2020.

Jeong, Young-Chul and Jisun Yu (2018)“Professionals as a Carrier of Globalization: The Role of Security Analysts inFinancial Globalization,” accepted for European Group of Organization Studies(EGOS) Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, July 2018.  

Kwak, Jooyoung, Jisun Yu, Insik Shin (2016), “An InstitutionalApproach to Reference Group Selection of Foreign Entrants in the LeastDeveloped Countries,” the Academy of Management annual meeting, Anaheim,August2016.

Yu, Jisun and Seung-Hyun Lee (2015), ““Managing InstitutionalChallenges in MNEs: Penalty of Home Country Institutional Imprinting inCorporate Political Activities,” Academy of International Business North EastFrontier Conference, Boston, MA, October 22-24.  

Yu, Jisun, Kunsoo Han, and Sunil Mithas (2013), “Does IT matterto Firm Internationalization? Theory and Evidence,” International Conference onInformation Systems, Milan, Italy, December 15-18.

Yu, Jisun and Seung-Hyun Lee (2012),“Managing the Geographic Space of MNE Operation: Distance, Non-contractibleInvestments and MNEs’ Ownership Choice,” JIBS Special Issue Conference,Philadelphia, PA, June 27-29.

Yu, Jisun, Seung-Hyun Lee, and Kunsoo Han (2011), “Ownership Leveland Value Creation in FDI: An Incomplete Contracts Theory Perspective,” theAcademy of International Business annual meeting, Nagoya, Japan, June 2011.

Yu, Jisun and Sung Soo Kim (2010), “Liability of Foreignness andthe Growth of an Industry: A Dynamic Approach,” the Academy of Management 2010Annual Meeting, Montreal, QC, August 6-10, Best Papers Proceedings.

Yu, Jisun and Kunsoo Han (2010), “Distribution of Ownership inFDI: An Incomplete Contract Theory Perspective,” Strategic Management andOrganization (SMO) Alumni Conference, Minneapolis, MN, October15-17.

Yu, Jisun (2008), “Toward an Understanding of Managing LocalAdaptation of Practices,” the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada2008 Annual Conference, Halifax, NS, May 24-27, Honorable Mention.

Yu, Jisun (2006), “One Size Does NOT Fit All: Toward anUnderstanding of Local Adaptation in Cross-border Practice Transfers,” theAcademy of International Business 2006 annual conference, Beijing, China, June23-26.

Yu, Jisun, Rhonda Engleman, and Andrew H. Van de Ven (2004),“Deliberate and Emergent Patterns of Top Management’s Attention during theIntegration Journey,” the Academy of Management 2004 annual meeting, NewOrleans LA, August 6-11.

Yu, Jisun, Rhonda Engleman, and Andrew H. Van de Ven (2004),“Explaining Organization Change Process through Top Management’s Attention,”the Academy of Management 2004 annual meeting, New Orleans, LA, August 6-11.

External Funding

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)Insight Grant ($139,040), 2016-2018, Co-Applicant with Kunsoo Han.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)Insight Development Grant ($46,780), 2016-2017, Co-Applicant with Young-ChulJeong.

The SSHRC Seed Fund 4A funds($6,500). John Molson School of Business,Concordia University, 2014-2015;2016-2017.

Fonds de recherche sur la société etla culture: établissement de nouveaux professeurs-chercheurs (FQRSC) ($39,136),2011-2014.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC): StandardResearch Grant ($15,210), 2011-2012.

Past President's Research Award ($5000), AdministrativeSciences Association of Canada (ASAC), 2010. 

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