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Part-time Faculty, Design and Computation Arts


Jeremy Petrus studied industrial design at Université de Montréal and at the E.N.S.C.I. in Paris. In 1997 he crosses the Atlantic to become a product designer at Alessandro Ruiz’ design studio in Milan. He then worked alongside Ferrucio Laviani; during his Italian years, he designed retail spaces, exhibitions, lamps, furniture. Jeremy also displayed some of his creations at the International Furniture Fair of Milan in 1998. 

Back in his home town, he has worked on various projects with many agencies; his experiences range from interior and industrial design, branding as well as cross-disciplinary projects and experimental design. A part-time faculty member in the Design and Computation Arts program at Concordia University, he also runs his own studio as an independent designer. 

Research interests

Bionics, industrial design, essentialism

Areas of expertise

Exhibition, furniture, product and experimental design

Teaching activities

Dart 291
Dart 391
Dart 448
Dart 498

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