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Hilary Rose, PhD

Associate Professor, Applied Human Sciences

Hilary Rose, PhD
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5814

Dr. Rose has been a full time faculty member at Concordia since 2003. Prior to coming to Concordia, she taught in the Department of Human Development at Washington State University. In addition to teaching at the university level, Dr. Rose has taught in the public school system in British Columbia. She is also a Certified Family Life Educator. As a researcher, her interests lie in child development--primarily in gender development and sexual identity development--with a current focus on sexually-confused youth. She also has a strong theoretical bent, and she is currently developing a metatheoretical approach to feminist and family theories with implications for family scholars and practitioners alike.


Ph.D. Child & Family Development, The University of Georgia, 1997; Athens, GA. 
M.S.   Family Resources & Human Development, Arizona State University, 1992; Tempe, AZ.
Diploma Education (Secondary Curriculum), University of Victoria, 1980; Victoria, BC.
B.A.   Arts (English), University of British Columbia, 1978; Vancouver, BC

Research interests

Gender Development
Sexual Identity Development
Stereotyping Processes
At-Risk Youth
Sexually-Confused Youth
Metatheoretical Issues

Teaching activities


AHSC 220 
Life Span Growth & Development for Practitioners
AHSC 312 
Sexuality in Human Relations
AHSC 498E 
Special Topic - Parent-Child Relations


Recent publications

Rose, H. A., Rodgers, K. B., & Small, S. A.  (2006).  Sexual identity confusion and problem behaviors in adolescents:  A risk and resilience approach.  Marriage and Family Review, 40, 131-150. 

Delamere, F. M., Morden, P. A., & Rose, H. A.  (2006).  Promoting resilience in youth through facilitating leisure engagement in self-determined community serving projects.  Journal of Child & Youth Care Work, 21, 18-28.     

Rose, H. A.  (2006).  Asset-based development for child and youth care.  Reclaiming Children and Youth, 14, 236-240.

Rose, H. A. (2005).  Spotlight on theory:  Application of Pepper’s world hypotheses to family theories.  In V. L. Bengtson, A. C. Acock, K. R. Allen, P. Dilworth-Anderson, & D. M. Klein (Eds.) Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research  (pp. 36-38).  Thousand Oaks, CA:  Sage.       

Rodgers, K. B., & Rose, H. A.  (2002).  Risk and resiliency factors among adolescents who experience marital transitions.  Journal of Marriage and Family, 64, 1024-1037.

Rodgers, K. B., & Rose, H. A.  (2002).  Personal, family,

Participation activities

Refereed conference presentations

Rose, H. A.  (2007).  Les minorites sexuels et la tyrannie a l’ecole: Un modele theorique des processus groupaux.  Paper presented as part of a symposium on Minorites Sexuels et Construction de Genre at the annual conference of the Association Francophone pour le Savoir, Trois-Rivieres, QC, May 2007. 

Rose, H. A.  (2006).  Pepper’s world hypotheses:  Implications for theories of human sexuality.  Paper presented at the annual Western Region Conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Redondo Beach, CA, Apr. 2006.        

Morden, P., Rose, H. A., & Delamere, F. M.  (2004).   Promoting resilience in youth through voluntary engagement in community organizations.   Paper presented at the annual conference Promoting Resilient Development in Children Receiving Care. Ottawa, ON, Aug. 2004.

Rose, H. A.  (2003).  Pepper’s World Hypotheses:   A Philosophical Rubric

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