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Hassan Rivaz, PhD, PEng (Ontario)

Full Professor & Concordia University Research Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hassan Rivaz, PhD, PEng (Ontario)


PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 2011


Dr. Rivaz is a Full Professor and the Concordia University Research Chair in Medical Imaging with Deep Learning. For information about his research lab, please visit the personal page of Dr. Rivaz or IMPACT laboratory

International service

Associate Editor of IEEE TMI (since 2017)
Associate Editor of IEEE TUFFC (since 2018)
Area Chair of MICCAI from 2017 to 2024
Organizing committee of IEEE IUS 2023
Organizing committee of IEEE ISBI 2021
Organizing committee of IEEE EMBC 2020
Co-organizer of advanced ultrasound imaging tutorial in IEEE ISBI 2019
Co-organizer of ultrasound elastography tutorial in IEEE ISBI 2018
Co-organizer of MICCAI 2019 CURIOUS Challenge
Co-organizer of MICCAI 2018 CURIOUS Challenge
Co-organizer of MICCAI 2018 CereVis Workshop

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