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Gavin Taylor, PhD

Sr. Lecturer and Associate Chair, History

Gavin Taylor, PhD
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2401

Gavin Taylor is a Senior Lecturer in the History Department at Concordia University.  He studies in colonial North America, specializing in aboriginal-settler relations and the origins of treaty-making in New England, New France and New Netherlands.  Taylor received his Ph.D. from the College of William and Mary, and has also worked as a journalist.  He is currently writing a textbook for Oxford University Press provisionally titled Two Roads to Heaven: A History of Native-Settler Relations in North America.  He has taught a broad range of courses in North American history, as well as on subjects related to public history and the politics of the past.


B.A. Carleton University (Ottawa), M.A. University of Toronto, Ph.D. College of William and Mary

Teaching activities



HIST 303/1 Section AA
Native American History since 1800

HISW 251/2 Section XX

History of the United States to the Civil War Era

HIST 381/2 Section A
History and Public Policy: The Politics of the Past

HIST 354/4 Section A
Revolutionary America

HISW 253/4 Section XX
History of the United States since the Civil War Era

Courses taught

Hist 203: History of Canada, Pre-Confederation

Hist 251: United States before the Civil War Era

Hist 253: United States since the Civil War Era

Hist 302: Natives and Newcomers

Hist 303: Native American History since 1800

Hist 306: History and the Public

Hist 353: Colonial America

Hist 354: Revolutionary America

Hist 381: History and Public Policy (The Politics of the Past)

Hist 396: United States History since 1945

Hist 397: Sound and History

Hist 402: The Philosophy and Practice of History

Hist 452: The American Landscape

Hist 498: Law and Empire

Hist 498: Witches, Shamans, Vampires and Zombies

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