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Emanuel Lowi, M.S.

Part-Time Faculty, School of Community and Public Affairs

Emanuel Lowi, M.S.


Emanuel Lowi is a journalist, photographer and teacher.

His work as a journalist serves First Peoples in Quebec and in Canada -- especially the Inuit of Nunavik and the Cree of Eeyou Istchee -- as well as in the Middle East, where Emanuel lives with Indigenous Bedouin in the Sinai desert.

Professor Lowi has worked for National Geographic magazine, for CBC Radio and for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) National News. His articles have been published in Canada and internationally in numerous magazines and newspapers.

He has been contracted by Concordia University to teach in the First Peoples Studies program, in the School of Community and Public Affairs, in the Department of Geography, Planning, Environment, in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, in the Department of History, in the Faculty of Fine Arts, and in Concordia Continuing Education's Journalism program. Emanuel has taught Indigenous students at Nunavik Sivunitsavut and Indigenous participants at Projets Autochtones du Québec (PAQ). 


Emanuel Lowi is an activist veteran of Indigenous rights struggles, politics and Indigenous news media for more than 40 years.

He has been employed by Indigenous organizations including the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO), Makivik Corporation, Ilagiisaq (Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec), Avataq Cultural Institute and by Kativik Ilisarniliriniq.

In the Middle East, Emanuel has worked as a journalist in Israel, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Yemen. 

Emanuel Lowi has been enrolled as a Ph.D candidate in Concordia University's Individualized (INDI) Program. His research focussed on Indigenous peoples' use of communications media as a tool of resilience, cultural resurgence, community solidarity and resistance to colonialism.

Professor Lowi earned a B.A. in English and Politics at Brandeis University, a degree in Education from McGill University and an M.S. from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

Teaching activities

Concordia University:
First Peoples Studies 
FPST 201 Introduction to First Peoples Studies
FPST 211 Algonquian Peoples
FPST 212 Inuit Peoples
FPST 301 The Indian Act

Faculty of Fine Arts

FFAR 298 Indigenous Representation in the Arts

Department of History
HIST 303 Native North America from 1800

Department of Sociology and Anthropology
ANTH 204 Indigenous Peoples of North America
ANTH 303 Indigenous Resurgence

Department of Geography, Planning, Environment
GEOG 407 Indigenous Peoples and the Environment

School of Community and Public Affairs
SCPA 480 Public Affairs Communication

Concordia Continuing Education Journalism
CEJN 122 Creative Nonfiction
CEJN 126 Travel Writing

John Abbott College:
Nunavik Sivunitsavut
603-101-CL Circumpolar Literature
603-102-MQ Contemporary Life in Nunavik and the North

Research activities

• Indigenous cultures and knowledges
• Issues in contemporary First Nations and Inuit life
• Contemporary Indigenous politics
• Indigenous-Settler relations
• Indigenous land rights and self-government
• Indigenous resistance
• Urban Indigenous lives
• Environmental activism
• Journalistic media practices
• Investigative reporting
• Commentary and criticism
• Creative expression
• Intercultural communication
• Photojournalism


Published in:

• Le Monde Diplomatique

• Le Devoir

• Auf Einen Blick

• Asiaweek

• Haaretz

• Jerusalem Report

• Reader’s Digest

• Family Circle

• Wine Spectator

• Canadian Geographic

• Equinox

• The Globe and Mail

• National Post

• Ottawa Citizen

• Vancouver Sun

• Regina Leader-Post

• Winnipeg Free Press

• The Gazette

• The Mirror

• The Nation

• Windspeaker

• Nunatsiaq News

• Inuktitut

• Tumivut

• Kanguq

• Above & Beyond

• Now

• Canadian Press

• Canwest wire services

Broadcast on:


• Morningside

• Sunday Morning

• This Morning

• Ideas

• Cross Country Checkup

• Now the Details

• Daybreak

• Radio Noon

• CBC News Montreal at 6

• Quebec AM

• Open House

• Commentary

• Infotape

• RDI Matin Week-end

• Boréal Hebdo


Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

• APTN National News

Wapikoni Mobile


Emanuel Lowi is also a published poet:



  21st Inuit Studies Conference, speaker, Montreal, Quebec

  Winner, Russell I. Elman Award, for the most deserving Canadian journalism student at Columbia University

  Winner, Government of Sweden journalism fellowship, for reporting on Indigenous Sámi politics

  Winner, Michener Award for Journalism, for “A l'heure de choix” published by Le Devoir (contributor)

  Nominated, The National Magazine Awards (Canada), Best Cover Photograph



Emanuel Lowi's family members are Inuit, Jewish, Muslim and Christian.

He is a voting member of Projets Autochtones du Québec.

Emanuel Lowi serves as personal photographer to the 14thDalai Lama of Tibet at events sponsored by the Prajna Upadesa Foundation.

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