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Dennis J. Dicks, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Education

Dennis J. Dicks, PhD

Dennis Dicks completed doctoral studies with Colin Cherry at Imperial College, University of London. Since, he has taught in the Educational Technology program, and served in a number of administrative positions, including Department chair, Vice Dean Curriculum and Administration, and Director of Academic Appraisals, at Concordia University Montreal. As Director of the Centre for Instructional Technology and e-learning consultant in the John Molson School of Business he has led a multi-disciplinary team through the development varied teaching technology projects. Current research interests include teaching technology integration, instructional design and topic maps.


PhD (Communications Psychology), University of London

Professional experience

Past President, Japan Studies Association of Canada
Member Associa tion for Media and Technology in Education in Canada
Instructional Design conultant for e-learning projects at various Canadian corporations

Current projects

Applications of Topic Maps
Instructional Design research
Literacy support

Courses taught

Human Performance Technology
Human Resources
The Idee of ID (Instructional Design)

Selected publications

Communicating with Japan: Images Past, Present and Future, an Interdisciplinary Anthology, (editor), Concordia University Press, 220 pp., 1995.

Experiments with Everyday Conversation, in Pragmatic Aspects of Human Communication, Colin Cherry ed., Reidel, 1974 24 pp.

An Empirical Comparison of Two Delivery Modes for Educating Aviation Managers Proceedings of the Aviation Management Education and Research Conference, Concordia University, July 2003. Accepted for publication in Journal of Air Transportation World Wide (JATWW) and The Collegiate Aviation Review (CAR). 20 pp.

Evaluation of a High-end Distance Delivery MBA Program Proceedings of the American Association for Computers in Education Montreal 2002 8 pp.

The CIT Miracle: A case-study of workplace transformation, (with Mohsen Anvari and Mary Genova), accepted for publication in Special Edition, Support Systems Journal, Fall 2000. 8 pp.

Computer Mediated Communications and Shared Learning, Canadian Journal of Educational Communications, v.21, 1992. 12 pp. Editor's Award, Best Paper 1992.

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