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Dr. Antoinette Scaringi

Assistant Professor, LTA, Marketing

Dr. Antoinette Scaringi

Antoinette Scaringi is an Assistant Professor/LTA Marketing at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University.  She is the recipient of the Presidential Excellence Teaching Award (Experiential) awarded in June 2023.

Prior to joining Concordia University her industry experience extends from serving in leadership roles at multi-hospital systems profit and non-profit (Canada and USA), research and development with (P&G), and Senior Advisory (Global PwC) in retail, marketing management, international business development, and healthcare sectors. 

She has led and participated in a number of enterprise-wide business retail and healthcare improvement projects which have recommended and implemented new organizational structures, delivery models and program administrative improvements for clients in USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and Greece.  She has extensive experience in process improvement, business process design, product and service delivery, project and change management. 

She also has significant experience in change management associated with retail business transformational projects, and curriculum development. She has been active in Accreditation committees with AACSB and ACBSP including curriculum development.  Her involvement in higher education committees range from AI to student life, and international recruitment. She has taught at several ivy league Business Schools since 2002 as an adjunct instructor.



Cross-cultural communication and management

International Business Marketing

International Healthcare Administration

Managing in a Global Environment

Consumer products






Masters in Business Administration/Masters in Health Administration, University of Colorado, Denver

Doctorate in Business Administration, California Southern University

Teaching activities

MARK/IBUS 492: Cross-Cultural Communications and Management

This course deals with the multicultural dimensions of international business operations. The objective is to develop Canadian managerial skills for effective performance in an international setting. Topics covered include international negotiations, management of multicultural personnel, cross-cultural consumer behavior profile, cross-cultural communication, and other cultural aspects of marketing strategy.  With the understanding that your cross-cultural skills define your success in conducting business, at both the local and global levels, in a business world shaped by multicultural and cross-functional teams, diverse workforces, and globalization this course explores a variety of theories and models on
culture; examines the role that culture plays in corporate leadership, strategy, and ethics; and discusses cross-cultural communication topics.


MBA 644: Marketing Management

This course focuses on the strategic role of marketing for firms by cultivating marketing management perspectives and skills. Attention is directed toward demonstrating how a manager can best use information in micro and macroenvironments to develop marketing strategies for consumer value creation that integrate product, pricing, promotion, and distribution in order to obtain and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Both online and offline aspects of marketing strategies are incorporated to reflect the current environment. Through the use of lectures, case discussions and application-oriented readings, the requisite mindset is nurtured to facilitate marketing excellence in today's multi-faceted and dynamic business environment.

MARK 463: Retailing

This course seeks to apply the theories of marketing and administration to the retail situation. Topics to be covered include site selection for single and multi-unit retail outlets, organizing and staffing the retail operation, the wholesaler-retailer relationship, consumer behavior in the retail situation. The impact of such new developments as consumer cooperatives, franchising, discounting, and computer technology on the future of retailing is also considered.

EMBA 623: Managing in a Global Environment  (Executive MBA Program)

Globalization has created a very complex competitive landscape and a proliferation of new business configurations for firms, particularly multinational corporations. What does this new business environment really mean to managers as they formulate and implement their strategies? How can we effectively analyze this hyper-competitive structure of industries and translate it into winning strategies? This course is designed to immerse you in these kinds of challenges as well as management aspects of international business. It is organized around several themes such as globalization, global competitiveness and local responsiveness, reasons forgoing global, cultural dimensions and managing across cultures, institutional pressures and global challenges, managing ethics and social responsibilities in an international context, international collaborative and entry strategies, international joint ventures and their management structures, international negotiation, organizational design and international HRM, and global governance and control mechanisms.

Through a combination of case debates, readings, lectures, and role play simulation this course will develop student’s ability to understand and pursue managerial actions that is responsive to the evolving global business environment and to the often-conflicting demands of multiple stakeholders such as local and overseas employees, customers, joint venture partners, governments, and non-governmental organizations.

Participation activities

She has been active with Rotary, community events, and fund-raising activities (YMCA).  She has been asked to serve as a judge on case competitions at several universities including with JMIBA.

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