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Annamma Joy, PHD

Professor, Marketing

Dr. Joy has research interests in culture, consumption, and markets, marketing of the arts, naturalistic inquiry, ethnicity and marketing, gender and consumption, marketing and development, and marketing in a postmodern world. She is the author of Ethnicity in Canada.

Dr. Joy has published in: The Journal of Consumer Research, The Journal of Macromarketing, Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of International Consumer Marketing, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Advances in Non-Profit Marketing, Research in Consumer Behaviour, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, as well as in the Proceedings of the Association of Consumer Research, Proceedings of the American Marketing Association and Proceedings of the International Society for Marketing and Development.

Dr. Joy is member of the Editorial Policy Board of the Journal of Consumer Research. She has been a member of the Advisory Council, Association for Consumer Research, since 1998. In 2000 she was a member of the chair's session at a conference on Gender and Consumer behavior sponsored by the Association for Consumer Research. Other professional activities include co-chairing the Fourteenth Conference on Macromarketing, the Fifth International Conference on Marketing and Development, as well as serving on the editorial boards of the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Macromarketing, the Journal of Transnational Management, and Culture, Consumption, and Markets.

She has won several awards for the video that she co-produced called " Daughters of Ixchel: Women Weavers of Guatemala". It won the American Anthropological Association award, (1994), the New York Festival Finalist award for outstanding achievement in in Non-broadcast Film and Video (1993), and the Canadian International Annual Film festival award in 1993.


PhD (University of British Columbia)

Areas of Expertise

  • Arts marketing
  • Consumption and markets
  • Culture
  • Marketing in the PRC and Hong Kong


Refereed Journal Articles

Joy, A. (2004) "Metaphors of Self, self communication and self gifts in Interdependent Cultures: Narratives from Hong Kong" [with T.S. Chan, Michael Hui, G. Cui] to appear in Russ Belk (ed), Research in Consumer Behavior, JAI Press: CT.

Joy, A. (2004) "Framing Considerations in the PRC: Creating Value in the Contemporary Chinese Art Market" [with John Sherry Jr.], to appear in Consumption, Markets and Culture [December Issue].

Joy, A. (2003) "Dis-entangling the Paradoxical Alliances Between the Art Market and the Art World" in Consumption, Markets and Culture [with John Sherry Jr.] (September). Vol. 6.

Joy, A. (2003) "Speaking of Art as Embodied Imagination: A Multi-Sensory Approach to understanding Aesthetic Experience" in Journal of Consumer Research [with John Sherry Jr.] (September) Vol. 30. No. 2. p. 259-282 .

Joy, A. (2001) "Gift Giving in Hong Kong and the Continuum of Social Ties" in Journal of Consumer Research, (September), Vol. 28. No. 2. p. 239-257.

Book Chapters

Joy, A. (2000) "Artists, Artworks and the Discourse of Art: Organizing for success" in Research in Consumer Behavior (ed) Russ Belk, JAI press, Greenwich, CT. Vol. 9. p. 71-102.

Participation activities

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Joy, A. (2001) "Making sense of cyberspace :Consumer response to new technology" Abstract in Proceedings of the Association of Consumer Research, Berlin [June [with John Sherry Jr.]

Joy, A. (2000) "Institutional consumption and cultural hybridization: art museums and art writing in the PRC" at "Long Term Developments in The Arts and Cultural Industries" Rotterdam, [Abstract in proceedings of the association]

Joy, A. (2000) "Bursting the Frame" Abstract in Proceedings of the International Society for Marketing and Development, Ghana, [with John Sherry Jr.]

Refereed Conference Presentations

Joy, A. (2003) Member of Roundtable, Association of Consumer Research, Toronto.

"Art and embodied imagination" at SDA Bocconi University (2003)

"Guanxi and gift giving in Hong Kong" Lingnan University, Hong Kong (2002)

"Cross-cultural issues in gift giving" Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki

"Arts marketing" Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki (2001)

Joy, A. (2000) "Art in China" Academy of marketing science multicultural conference, Hong Kong [with John Sherry Jr.]

"Gift giving in the PRC" Baruch College, City University of New York (2000)

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