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Anna Brinkerhoff, PhD

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Anna Brinkerhoff, PhD
Office: S-M 309  
M Annex,
2135 Mackay
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2524


PhD: Brown University (2021)
MA: Brown University (2017)
BA: Pepperdine University (2015)


Anna's research lies at the intersection of ethics and epistemology. Very broadly, she thinks about the epistemic dimension of morally significant social issues. She has recently worked on moral encroachment, the epistemology of prejudice, epistemic partiality in friendship, epistemic responsibility, the cognitive side of various moral virtues, and promising against the evidence. She also has interests in feminist philosophy and philosophy of religion.

Teaching activities

PHIL 236: Environmental Ethics
PHIL 371: Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 498/629: Values & Biotechnology
PHIL 464/634: Ethics of Belief


Recent Publications

2023 - The Cognitive Demands of Friendship (Pacific Philosophical Quarterly)
2023 - Not Excusing Rape: Silencing, Blame, and Rationality (Australasian Journal of Philosophy)
2022 - Death, Deprivation, and the Afterlife (Philosophia)
2021 - Prejudiced Beliefs Based on the Evidence (Synthese)
2021 - The Promising Puzzle (Philosophers' Imprint)
2018 - Why Epistemic Partiality in Overrated, with Nomy Arpaly (Philosophical Topics)

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