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Ted Rutland, PhD

Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

Office: S-V 303 
V Annex,
2110 Mackay
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2053
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I am an urban, social, and cultural geographer. Most of my work examines how people and spaces are understood and managed in modern cities. Empirically, this research has involved a sustained examination of modern urban planning, urban development, urban policing/security, and social movements in North American (and particularly Canadian) cities.

My 2018 book, Displacing Blackness: Planning, Power, and Race in Twentieth Century Halifax, carries these concerns through more than a century of history in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My more recent research has focused on Montréal, and a series of issues related to housing, urban security, and policing.

I am interested in supervising masters and PhD research on the city of Montréal, especially research concerned with policing and housing in the post-1970s period.

Teaching activities

Selected publications


Rutland, T. 2018. Displacing Blackness: Planning, Power, and Race in Twentieth-Century Halifax. Toronto, University of Toronto Press.

Articles and Book Chapters

Rutland, T. 2016. Deux formes de discrimination territoriale à Halifax. In C. Lelévrier et al. (Eds) Discrimination territoriales: usages et enjeux de la notion. Paris, L'Oeil d'or.

Rutland, T. 2015. Enjoyable life: planning, amenity, and the contested terrain of urban biopolitics. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 33(5): 850-868.

Rutland, T. 2015. "The city is an apartment house": property, improvement, and dispossession in early twentieth-century Halifax, Nova Scotia. Urban Geography, 36(3): 359-384.

Rutland, T. 2013. "Where the little life unfolds": women's citizenship, moral regulation, and the production of scale in early twentieth-century Halifax, Nova Scotia. Journal of Historical Geography, 42: 167–179.

Rutland, T. 2013. Activists in the making: urban movements, political processes, and the creation of political subjects. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 37(3): 989-1011.

Rutland, T. 2013. Energizing environmental concern in Portland, Oregon. In B. Miller, W. Nicholls, and J. Beaumont (Eds.) Spaces of Contention. Brookfield, MA: Ashgate.

Rutland, T. 2010. The financialization of urban redevelopment. Geography Compass, 4 (8): 1167-1178.

Rutland, T, and Aylett, A. 2008. The work of policy: actor-networks, governmentality, and local action on climate change in Portland, Oregon. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 26(4): 627-646.


Comité logement de la Petite Patrie et Laboratoire Urbain de l'Université Concordia. 2014. La conversion en condos et la copropriété indivise dans le quartier de la Petite Patrie.


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