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Osama Moselhi, PhD

Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

Osama Moselhi, PhD
Office: S-EV 6109 
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex,
1515 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3190

Dr. Moselhi has a Ph.D., M.Eng., and B.Sc. in Civil Engineering. He has 30 years of professional experience working in the construction industry and in academic posts both in Canada and abroad. Dr. Moselhi specializes in construction engineering and management. He joined Concordia in 1985.

He has held several industrial and academic posts in Canada and abroad in a wide spectrum of the engineering profession, ranging from structural analysis and design to construction engineering and management, on building projects, and heavy civil engineering including bridges, offshore and harbor facilities, and nuclear power plants.

Dr. Moselhi is a Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He is a member of the Engineering Institute of Canada, the the American Association of Cost Engineers (Directory and Past President of the Montreal Section), the Projects Management Institute, the International Association of Automation and Robotics in Construction (Director), Professional Engineers of Ontario, and the Order of Engineers of Quebec.

Dr Moselhi was elected Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) in 1994 and the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1999. He has received several honors and awards including the CSCE Gzoowski's Gold Medal in 1979.


  • Integrated Cost and Time Control
  • Planning, Tracking and Control of Highway Construction Operations
  • Web-Based Project Performance System
  • Project Risk Assessment
  • Planning and Cost Estimating of Earthmoving Operations
  • Optimization Model for Site Selection and Evaluation
  • Detection and Classification of Defects in Underground Infrastructural Facilities
  • Quantification of Change Orders' Impact
  • Cost Planning & Budget for the Rehabilitation of Underground Municipal Infrastructural

Teaching activities


  • ENGR 451 - Construction Engineering
  • EMAT 271 - Applied Probability and Statistics
  • ENGR 244 - Mechanics of Materials I
  • BLDG 492 - Construction Processes
  • BLDG 657 - Project Management
  • BLDG 680 - Construction Planning and Control I
  • BLDG 683 - Construction Processes
  • BLDG 781 - Project Acquisition and Control

Graduate students supervision

  • Zahnan, L., "Computer Aided Design-Based Project Management Model", M.A.Sc.,1997-01
  • Assem, I., "Estimating Productivity Losses Due to Change Orders", M.A.Sc.,1999-01
  • Ramanathan, R., "Computer Scheduling & Control of Residential Housing Projects", M.A.Sc., 1999-00
  • Abdo, D.," A Neural Network Model for Quantifying the Impact of Change Orders on Construction Productivity", M.Eng., 1997-99
  • Al-Hussein, M., "Automated Crane Selection and Location on Construction Sites", Ph.D., 1996-99
  • Alamin, Basher A., "Analysis of Construction Loads on Concrete Formwork", M.A.Sc., 1997-99
  • Alshaibani, A., "A Computerized Cost and Schedule Control System for Construction Projects", M.A.Sc.,1997-99
  • Fadaka, T.I., "Weather Impact on Construction Productivity", M.Eng.,1997-99
  • Siqueira, I., "Neural Network-Based Cost Estimating", Montreal M.A.Sc., 1997-99
  • El Rayes, K., "Optimized Scheduling for Repetitive Projects", Ph.D.,1993-97
  • Elfekfakh, K., "Contingency Estimation: A Decision Support System", 1994-97
  • Lorterapong, P., "Fuzzy Project-Network Scheduling Under Resource Constraints", Ph.D., 1989-95
  • Yuan, X., "Computer Vision Techniques for Traffic Data Collection and Analysis",Ph.D.,1989-95


Refereed journal papers

  • Al-Hussein, M., Alkass, S. and Moselhi, O., (2001) "Crane Advisor: A Decision Support System for Crane Selection", Construction Management and Economics (tentative acceptance with revision).
  • Shehab-Eldeen, T. and Moselhi, O., (2001) "A Decision Support System for Rehabilitation of Sewer Pipes", Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, in press
  • El-Rayes, K. and Moselhi, O., (2001) "Impact of Rainfall on the Productivity of Highway Construction", ASCE, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, (accepted July 24, 2000), in press.
  • El Rayes, K. and Moselhi, O., (2001) "Optimum Resource Utilization for Repetitive Construction Projects", Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE, Vol. 127, No. 1, pp. 18-27.
  • Al Hussein, M., Alkass, S. and Moselhi, O., (2000) "D-Crane Database System for Utilization of Cranes", Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Vol. 27, No. 6, pp. 1130-1138.
  • Moselhi, O. and Shehab-Eldeen, T., (2000) "Classification of Defects in Sewer Pipes Using Neural Networks", Journal of Infrastructure Systems, ASCE, Vol. 6 (3), pp. 96-103.
  • Moselhi, O., (1998) "Estimating the Cost of Change Orders", Transactions of the American Association of Cost Engineers, Vol. 42, pp. EST
  • Moselhi, O., (1997) "Risk Assessment and Contingency Estimating", Transactions of the American Association of Cost Engineers, Vol. 41, pp. A.06.1 - A.
  • Lorterapong, P. and Moselhi, O., (1996) "Project-network Scheduling using Fuzzy Set Theory", Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE, Vol. 122, No. 4, pp. 308-318.
  • Hegazy, T. and Moselhi, O., (1995) "Elements of Cost Estimation: A Survey in Canada and the United States", Cost Engineering, Vol. 37, No. 5, pp. 27-33.
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  • Moselhi, O., Leonard, C. and Fazio, P., (1991) "Change Order's Impact on Construction Productivity", Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 484-492.
  • Moselhi, O., Fazio, P. and Hason, S., (1992) "Automation of Concrete Floor Slab on Grade Construction", Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE, Vol. 118, No. 4, pp. 731-748.


Moselhi, O., (1998) "Robots and Automated Machines in Construction", International Association for Automation and Robotics, BRE, Watford, U.K, 152 pages.

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