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Diane Poulin-Dubois, PhD

Professor, Concordia University Research Chair in Developmental Cybernetics, Psychology

Full Professor

Diane Poulin-Dubois, PhD
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2219
Website(s): Lab website

Teaching activities

Selected Publications

Schuwerk,T., Kampis,D., Baillargeon,R., Biro, S., Bohn, M., Byers-Heinlein,K., ..., Poulin-Dubois, D., M. C., Rakoczy,H.(accepted pending data collection).  Actionanticipation based on an agent's epistemic state intoddlers and adults. ChildDevelopment

Poulin-Dubois, D., Neumann, C., Masoud, S.,& Gazith, A. (2021). Effect of bilingualism on infants’ cognitive flexibility. Bilingualism:Language and Cognition, 1-14.

Ruel, A., Chiarella, S. S.,Crivello, C., & Poulin-Dubois, D. (2021). Concurrent validity of the modified checklist for autism in toddlers(M-CHAT): Socio-cognitive and verbal skills in 18-Month-Old infants. Journalof Autism and Developmental Disorders, 51(3), 933-949.

Crivello, C., Grossman, S., &Poulin-Dubois, D. (2021). Specifying links between infants’ theory of mind,associative learning, and selective trust. Infancy, 26(5), 664-685.

Kehoe, M.,Poulin-Dubois, D. & Friend, M (in press). Within- and cross-language

relationsbetween phonological memory, vocabulary, and grammar in bilingual children. Journal of Speech, Language, and HearingResearch.

Kehoe,M., Friend, M., & Poulin-Dubois, D. (2021). Relations between phonologicalproduction, grammar and the lexicon in bilingual French-English children. InternationalJournal of Bilingualism, 136700692110319.

Resendes, T., Benchimol-Elkaim, B., Delisle, C., René, J-L., &Poulin-Dubois, D. (2021). What Iknow and what you know: The role of metacognitive strategies in preschoolers’’selective social learning. Cognitive Development, 60,

Smolak, E.,Hendrickson, K., Zesiger, P., Poulin-Dubois, D., & Friend, M. (2021).Visual and haptic responses as measures of word comprehension and speed ofprocessing in toddlers: Relative predictive utility. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 203, 1-19. doi:10.1016/j.jecp.2020.105032.

Poulin-Dubois, D., Dutemple, E., & Burnside, K. (2021). NaïveTheories of Biology, Physics, and Psychology in Children with ASD. Journalof Autism and Developmental Disorders, 1-10. doi:10.1007/s10803-020-04813-9.


Selected publications

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