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Dr. Matthew Robert Anderson, PhD

Affiliate Professor, Theological Studies
Affiliate Professor, Loyola International College

Research interests

Pilgrimage, Mobility, New Testament: the Pauline letters, History of Christianity, the Bible and Western Culture, Theology and Film, Decolonizing Settler Biblical Studies and Theology, Indigenous studies (from a settler perspective), Cultural Studies, Masculinity Studies

B.A. (University of Saskatchewan; Political Science, with Distinction), Master of Divinity (Lutheran Theological Seminary), Ph.D. (McGill, Faculty of Religious Studies, thesis topic: 'Before the Fact: How Paul's Rhetoric Made History')

Other interests

History, non-fiction writing about pilgrimage, biblical studies and pop culture (3 books currently in press), writing fiction (I've published a number of short stories and am a member of the Quebec Writers' Federation) documentary film-making (2012 Something Grand; 2014 Under the North Star, trailers at, and podcasting my series "Pilgrimage Stories from Up and Down the Staircase"

A poster for my 2018 presentation on First Century Roman life in Pompeii
Photo credit: Matthew R. Anderson
Poster for one of my Gospels and Beatles presentations
Photo credit: M. Anderson
Pilgrimage Stories From Up and Down the Staircase
Photo credit: M. Anderson



2022                Our Home and Treaty Land (Kelowna BC: WoodLake Books) Co-written: Dr Raymond Aldred


2021                Pairings: The Bible and Booze (Toronto: Novalis Press)


Articles in refereed journals

2022                “The Historicity of Acts 20:16 and a Shavu’ot Setting for the Pauline Collection,” (submitted and under consideration).

2021                “The Promise and Peril ofWalking Indigenous Territorial Recognitions carried out by Settlers,” InternationalJournal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage. 9,2 (2021): Article 7.Co-authored: Ken Wilson.


2019                “‘Aware-Settler’ Biblical Studies: Breaking Claims of Textual Ownership,” 42-68 in Journal for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies 1,1 (2019): 42-68.

2019                “Strangers on the Land: What“Settler-Aware” Biblical Studies Learns from Indigenous Methodologies,” in Critical Theology 1:2 (Winter 2019): 10-14.


2019                “Walking to be Some Body: desire and diaspora on the St-Olaf Way,” in International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage 7:1. 63-76.


2019                “Luther’s Failed Pilgrimage and the Body of Christendom,” in International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage 7:1. 53-62.

2018                “Post-Reformation Christian Pilgrimage and the Globalization of Sentiment,” in Theoforum 48/1, 2018


2017                “The Tough Wedge: Reformation Now and Onward,” in Consensus 38:2, 5


2015                “The Curious Voyage of Christ: katábasis, anábasis, and the New Testament,” in Les Études Classiques. 83:1


2014                "De Vieux-Montréal  à Kahnawa:ké : the story of an urban pilgrimage between settler and aboriginal cultures," in Urban Pilgrimage, Room One Thousand, University of California (Berkeley). Co-authored: S. Terreault


2006                “Adaptation:The Self-Proclaiming Rhetoric of Charlie Kaufman and of                                 Paul” in Journal of Religion and Popular Culture. Vol XIII.


2004                “In a Mirror Very Darkly: Pauline Argument and the Problem of History,” in the Lexington Theological Quarterly. VolXXXIX, No.4: 225-242

Chapters in books

2022                “’One of the Boys’: Jerome’sFabulous Frontier Masculinity,” in Constructions of Gender in Late Antiquity,eds. Kathy Ehrensperger and Juni Hoppe, Lanham: Lexington Fortress, 2022,(invited, submitted, and forthcoming).


2022                “The Promise and Peril ofWalking Indigenous Territorial Recognitions carried out by Settlers,” in Sacred Journeys: Global Direction inReligious Tourism and Pilgrimage, eds. Ian S. McIntosh, Daniel Olson andDane Munro, 98-120. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press (invited,submitted, and forthcoming).


2022                “Paul’scollection and his final pilgrimage to Jerusalem” in Comparativism and Ancient Mediterranean Pilgrimage, Århus: ÅrhusUniversity Press (invited, submitted, and forthcoming).


2020                “Settler-Aware” Pilgrimage andReconciliation: The Treaty Four Canadian Context,” in Peace Journeys: A New Direction in Religious Tourism and PilgrimageResearch, eds. Ian S. McIntosh, Nour Farra Haddad and Dane Munro, 98-120. Newcastleupon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press.


2018                “Pilgrimage and the Challengingof a Canadian Foundational Myth,” in Pilgrimagein Practice: Narration, Reclamation and Healing, eds. Ian S. McIntosh, E.Moore Quinn and Vivienne Keely. CABI Publishing.


2014                “The First Cut is the Deepest:Masculinity and Circumcision in the First Century,” in Biblical Masculinities Foregrounded, eds. Peter-Ben Smit and OviuduCreanga. Sheffield-Phoenix Press, co-authored: K.B. Neutel, University of Oslo.

Articles in media or non-refereed journals

2020Article “’Life of Brian’: Terry Jones’s Legacy of a Surprisingly HistoricalJesus,” in The Conversation: Canada


2020Article “The Good Place: Ethics Comedy Asks if There’s a Second Chance atLife,” in Salon


2019Article “Learning the Land: Walking the Talk of Indigenous LandAcknowledgements,” in The Conversation: Canada:


2019Article “A Blanket Argument for Empathy” for Friends of Canadian Broadcasting:


2019Article: “The Man Who Painted Jesus” in ArtCritique:

Article “Why Canadians Need the Right to Roam” in The National Post online: The Ottawa Citizen online: in HuffPost Canada:

Article about the movie “Paul, Apostle of Christ” in The National Post online:

Article about Charles Dickens and the Gospels in The Toronto Star online:

HeritageSaskatchewan video for Canada 150:

2014, June  "From Old Montreal to Kahnawake: A Pilgrimage to End Ignorance," in Concordia Now.

2014 May "Following the Saints, Footfall by Footfall" in The Montreal Review.

Academic reviews

2020                Unsettling Spirit: A Journeyinto Decolonization (Denise M. Nadeau) for Studies in Religion /Sciences Religieuses. Sarah Rollens, ed. (upcoming)


2020                Cast Out of the Covenant(Adele Reinhartz) for Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses. SarahRollens, ed.


2020                Cast Out of the Covenant(Adele Reinhartz) for Critical Theology 2,2 (Winter 2020): 18-20.Christine Jamieson, ed.

2010 - Review of "The Faith of Jesus Christ: Exegetical, Biblical and Theological Studies ," Michael F. Bird and Preston Sprinkle, eds. Peabody MA: Hendrickson Paternoster, 2009. At the request of, and for, The Toronto Journal of Theology

2007 - Review of "The Bible after Babel: Historical Criticism in a Postmodern Age," by John Collins. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2005. At the request of The Journal of Hebrew Studies, Vol XLVIII: 343-345.

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

2020                “Paul and Pauline Letters,”(solicited article) for the Encyclopedia of Ancient History. Wiley-Blackwell.

2012  “Thorn in the Flesh,” (solicited article) for Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture. Eds. Michael Gilmour and Mary Ann Beavis. Sheffield-Phoenix Press

2012  “The Garden of Eden,” (solicited article; also used as template for call for submissions) for Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture. Eds. Michael Gilmour and Mary Ann Beavis. Sheffield-Phoenix Press

Recent Academic Papers

Keynote and Invited Presentations

2021                Hypermasculine in thePresence of Women: Jerome and Late-Antique Christian Masculinity, Nangaronimeeting, Enoch Seminar, online July 2021.


2020                Strangers on the Textual Land: Aware-Settler Biblical Studies,University of Nottingham Theology and Religious Studies Research SeminarSeries, Nottingham, UK. March 13 (online).

2019                The Pauline Collection in Light of Shavu’ot in SecondTemple Judaism, The Biblical Seminar, March 29, University of Nottingham


2019                Unsettled Pilgrimages: Settlers Walking toward Reconciliation on the Canadian Prairies, University of Nottingham Research Seminar Series, February 23, 2019.


2019                Strangers on the Land: What Biblical Studies in the Canadian Settler Context Can Learn from Indigenous Methodologies, Research Seminar for the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies, February 18, Sheffield University, UK.


2018                Response to Sheinfeld, Gender and Second Temple Judaism: Challenges& Possibilities, 10th Nangeroni Meeting of the Enoch Seminar, June, Rome.

2017                Our Work, Our Walk. Invited keynote at the “Sustainability Across Disciplines Conference,” Concordia University, JohnMolson School of Business. March 17, 2017.


2017                Mapping with our Feet: Pilgrimage and Pedagogy in Montreal and Mohawk Spaces. Invited presentation at Concordia University Dept. of Applied Human Sciences, to faculty and grad students. Jan12, 2017.


2016                Land and Meaning-Making: the Environmental Seminar Series. Presenting with Orenda Boucher-Curotte, Coordinator of First Peoples’ Studies, Dawson College, Montreal. Invited speaker.


2016                Pilgrimage, A Retreat of our Own,Canmore Alberta Canada, September. Keynote speaker.


2015                Sola Scriptura, Presbyterian College of Montreal, in association with McGill University, Montreal (invited panel)


2013                The Heroic Journey, 2013 Symposium on Pilgrimage Studies. College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA, USA (keynote address)


2017                Masculinity in the New Testament: a changing ideal. At Universityof Nottingham, UK, Dept. of Theology and Religious Studies.


2017                Imagining Iceland: Pilgrimage. Invited panelist at the “ImaginingIceland: From Concordia to the North,” Concordia University, Visual ArtsBuilding. Sept 20, 2017.


2017                Our Work, Our Walk. Invited keynote at the “Sustainability AcrossDisciplines Conference,” Concordia University, John Molson School of Business.March 17, 2017.


2017                Mapping with our Feet: Pilgrimage and Pedagogy in Montreal and MohawkSpaces. Invited presentation at Concordia University Dept. of Applied HumanSciences, to faculty and grad students. Jan 12, 2017.


2016                Land and Meaning-Making: the Environmental Seminar Series. Presentingwith Orenda Boucher-Curotte, Coordinator of First Peoples’ Studies, DawsonCollege, Montreal. Invited speaker.

2016                Indigeneity, Journey, and Historical Recollection on the Northern Great Plains, American Academy of Religion,Annual Meeting, San Antonio TX


2016                Mapping with our Feet: Pilgrimage as Pedagogy in Mohawk and Montreal Spaces, American Academy of Religion, Annual Meeting, San Antonio TX


2016                Horror and the Hidden: Luther, Paul, and Tracy on the hiddenness of God, paper at the Hiddenness of God conference, King’s College, Western University, London ON


2014                The Pilgrimage that Ended Pilgrimages, Reformation effects on European pilgrimage, at 2014 Symposium, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA


2014                The Curious Journey of Christ: Katabasis in 1 Peter,  at the                          interuniversity Katabasis colloquium, Concordia


Media Appearances

media appearances

2016   Interview on CBC Radio One, with playlist of music, about pilgrimage, Indigenous rights, and my research and work. Host Nantali Ndongo.



2015 (July/Aug)         Interview (in French) and an accompanying web essay, with Radio-Canada, about my pilgrimage on the North West Mounted Police Trail, inSK, July and August 2015

South-West TV news did a short mini-documentary onme and on the walk. It can be found here:


July 20, 2015, radio interview with CKOM Saskatoon’s John Gormley about my pilgrimage along the 310 km North West Mounted Police Patrol Trail. Live on the phone from our abandoned farm house where we were eating lunch and taking refuge from the heat and the sun:


July 20, 2015              Article in the Gull Lake Advance:

July 10 and Aug 28, 2015. Articles inthe Prairie Post:

2014 (Sept)     "Journeys of Faith". An interview with the Catholic Times

2014 (June 18)  "From Old Montreal to Kahnawake: A Pilgrimage to End Ignorance," in Concordia Now

2014 (June 15) CBC Radio One (Quebec) interview on "All in a Weekend" about     Concordia student pilgrimage to Kahnawake Mohawk Territory.                   

2014 (June)  The Eastern Door (Kahnawake Mohawk newspaper): "Montreal to  Kahnawake Pilgrimage" by Cecilia Macarthur

2014 (June)  "Walking Towards the Light", excerpt from my The Montreal  Review article, featured on "The Dish" blog, with over 110,000 followers

April 20,2014  CBC Radio One (national) radio interview on pilgrimage and the new spirituality

Jan 25, 2014  CBC Radio One (Quebec) interview on "All in a Weekend" about  Conference on Aboriginal Spirituality

April 2014 Montreal Gazette and cross-Canada Postmedia chain newspapers (ie Victoria BC, Saskatoon, Ottawa etc) interview in feature piece about pilgrimage and spiritual transformation

Public Talks

Jenny Lin is a visual artist based in Tiohtiá:ke / Mooniyang / Montréal, who works with experimental narrative, primarily in the form of print-based installations, artists’ books and zines. She is drawn to the socio-political, accessible and community-based aspects of print and zine-making, self-publishing and distribution, and uses drawing and text as a way to process life experiences and connect with the world around her. Some of her zine projects have included web, video and AR components, feeding into an interest in moving and transforming images, interactivity and wide-reaching platforms. She works together with Eloisa Aquino as B&D Press, a queer micropress project. Together, they have created collaborative zines as well as print-based installations, and facilitate zine-making workshops with a focus on queer, feminist content and QTBIPOC communities. She was involved as a core member of Qouleur Qollective, a member of articule’s Fabulous Committee, and is a cofounder of the Queer Print Club.



BFA          University of Calgary, 1998
MFA          Concordia University, 2001

Areas of expertise

Print media, zines, artists' books, self-publishing, screenprinting, drawing, digital print, print installation

Research interests

Experimental narrative, autobiographical fiction, absurdity, democratic print, queerness, QTBIPOC identity and community, feminism, anti-racism, intersectionality

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