Francine Tremblay

Part-time Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology


Francine Tremblay
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5243

I have a B.A.Specialisation in Psychology (1978-1984), a B.A. in Applied Social Science(1994-2001) and a M.A. in Sociology (1999-2001) from Concordia University, anda Ph.D from l’UQÀM (2012).

I have been teaching at Concordia University since 2002 and at Carleton University (Ottawa) from 2005-2010 on social issues, such as inequality, social construction of deviance, sexuality, collective action and social movement. Currently as a member of the Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform,I have been involved with different community organisations since 1992. I have been working with Dr. Frances M. Shaver, a founding member of Stella the Montréal organisation by and for sex workers, on different projects since 1999.


Research activities

2013-2015 Current Research: The Students’ Performance Pilot Project with Anthropologist Dr Salinda Hess   Part-Time Faculty Sociology Anthropology Concordia University

Updating dissertation for possible publication: 

From Prostitutes to Sex Workers: Transition and Transformation through Collective Action in a Québec Context (UQÀM 2012) .


Beer, S. & Tremblay, F. (2014). A Canadian Case Study in Power Plays: Rethinking the Politics of Sex Work. Sex Worker Rights Organizations and the Implications of Relying on Government Funding. University of Minnesota Press. Carissa Showden and Samantha Majic Editors.

Le Faubourg St-Laurent: The Making of a problem in Culture of the Cities. Oakville: Mosaic Press 2001




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