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Peter Graham, School of Community & Public Affairs, Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability

À temps partiel, School of Community and Public Affairs

Peter has enjoyed teaching SCPA 215 Economics for Public Policy & Community Development since 2007. He began his university studies with a BA in Economics at McGill in 1988 followed by several years in a business career before earning a BENV in Geography at Waterloo in 2004, followed by a Graduate Diploma in CED at the School of Community and Public Affairs in 2005, MA in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at Concordia in 2009, MA in Educational Studies in 2014 at Concordia and is currently working on a PhD in Environmental Studies at Queen's in Kingston. Peter considers himself extremely fortunate to be able to spend time on both sides of the classroom.

Research interests

Sustainable development, heterodox economics, sociocultural analysis, hermeneutic phenomenology, social epistemology.

Teaching activities

Economics for Public Policy and Community Development (SCPA)
Contemporary Issues in CED (Sustainability) (SCPA)
Self, Culture & Development (LOYC)
Internship in Sustainability (LOYC)
Integrative Seminar (LOYC)
Environmental Thought (McGill MSE)
Sustainability (Queen's SES)


Graham, P. & Arshad-Ayaz, A. (2016). 'Learned Unsustainability: Bandura's Bobo Doll Revisited' in Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, 10 (2)

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