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Dr Catherine Kinewesquao Richardson, PhD

Director First Peoples Studies, School of Community and Public Affairs
Associate Professor & FPST Director , School of Community and Public Affairs
Co-founder Centre for Response-Based Practice
Founder - Métis Kickass Women Educators of Montréal
Advisory Member - OWH -Institute Quebec
Adjunct Professor University of Victoria School of Social Work

Active agent

Dr Catherine Kinewesquao Richardson, PhD
I acknowledge the traditional Kanien' kehà ka caretakers of the land, the Ancestors and Mother Earth
Lisa Graves
Office: S-CI 202 
CI Annex,
2149 Mackay
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2532
Website(s): Centre for Response-Based Practice
Our Way Home Institute - Quebec
Availability: By appointment only and through chance encounters in community.

Teaching activities

FPST 301 The Indian Act (and resistance to it!)

In this class, we will study pertinent aspects of oppressive colonial government policy through the Indian Act and through the agenda of the British upper class and ruling empire on northern Turtle Island.  We will look at how Indigenous People, Status First Nations (as well as Métis and Inuit) resisted the cruel and savage oppression as delivered through The Indian Act (and through its related policy of European racial superiority and domination).  Guest speakers will include Christopher Reid, Marie Cornellier (approaches to decolonization in the settler society).  The professor will aim to create an atmosphere of cultural safety, respect towards Indigenous people, of ethical dialogue and open-hearted sharing.  All our relations!

FPST 398 Indigenous Approaches to Helping and Healing

In this class, we will explore Indigenous worldview, values and beliefs that  underly views on well-being, recovery and healing from illness or adversity.  This course will involve a number of approaches and pedagogies, including talking, reading, experiencing and building an atmosphere of safety and trust in the classroom.  Guest speakers will include Vicky Boldo and Moe Clark.


Interview with Cathy Richardson and Elizabeth Fast on CBC Radio One-Let’s Go! Thursday

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