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Nina Howe, PhD

Professor , Education

Nina Howe, PhD
Office: S-FG 6131 
Faubourg Ste-Catherine Building,
1610 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2008

Selected publications

Howe, N., Fiorentino, L., & Gariépy, N. (2003). Sibling conflict in middl e childhood: Influence of maternal context and mother-sibling interaction over four years. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 49, 183-208.

Lloyd, B., & Howe, N. (2003). Solitary play and convergent and divergent thinking skills in preschool children. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 18, 22-41.

Howe, N., Rinaldi, C., Jennings, M., & Petrakos, H. (2002). “No! the lambs can stay out because they got cosies”: Constructive and destructive sibling conflict, pretend play, and social understanding. Child Development, 73, 1460-1473.

Prochner, L., & Howe, N. (Eds.) (2000). Early Childhood Care and Education in Canada. University of British Columbia Press

Howe, N., Aquan-Assee, J., Bukowski, W.M., Rinaldi, C., & Lehoux, P. (2000). Sibling self-disclosure in early adolescence. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 46, 653-671.

Howe, N., Petrakos, H., & Rinaldi, C. (1998). "All the sheeps are dead. He murdered them.": Sibling pretense, negotiation, internal state language, and relationship quality. Child Development, 69, 182-191.

Howe, N., & Jacobs, E. (1995). Child care research: A case for Canadian national standards. Canadian Psychology, 36, 131-148.

Howe, N., Moller, L., Chambers, B., & Petrakos, H. (1993). The ecology of dramatic play centers and children's social and cognitive play. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 8, 235-251.

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