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Constantina Giannopoulos, PhD

Associate Professor and Director of the Applied Psychology Centre, Psychology


Constantina Giannopoulos, PhD

In the Department of Psychology, I teach both at the graduate and undergraduate level. At the graduate level, I am involved mainly with the in-house training of clinical graduate students. I usually teach Models of Intellectual Assessment as well as the Intellectual Assessment and Personality Assessment Practica to graduate psychology students. I also supervise junior and senior therapists using a Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approach. At the undergraduate level, I typically teach courses related to industrial psychology such as Organizational Behaviour as well as courses related to psychopathology such as Abnormal Psychology.

I have been teaching at Concordia University for over seventeen years in various capacities and in three of the four Faculties; generally, my teaching has been in the area of human behaviour in different contexts (e.g., dramatic arts and business). I have received a Distinguished Teaching Award, and was also the Faculty of Arts and Science nominee for the President's Excellence in Teaching Award in 2011.

As the Director of the Applied Psychology Centre, the in-house training clinic for graduate students in the Clinical Program in the Department of Psychology, I am responsible for the overall operation of the Centre. I am also involved with the training of student-therapists and with providing service to the internal and external community.


PhD (Concordia University)

Research interests

My research, most recently, has focused on the prevention of pathological gambling in young adults. I have received grants totaling over 70 000$ for these applied research projects. These projects included creating an interactive website and providing and evaluating workshops on gambling prevention in young adults with problem gambling. I also have on-going collaborations in the areas of social cognition as well as aging with Dr. Conway and Dr. Pushkar of the Psychology Department.

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