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Maxime Heroux-Legault

Assistant Professor, Limited Term Appointment, Political Science

Office: S-H 1225-36 
Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5873
Website(s): Personal Website

Teaching activities


POLI 204: Introduction to Canadian Politics
POLI 392: Survey and Research Design
POLI 393: Advanced Empirical Research Methods
POLI 488: Voting Behaviour and Electoral Systems



The text of some of these publications can be found on my personal website at


1.       Maxime Héroux-Legault. 2018. “Public Opinion in Quebecunder the Harper Conservatives.” CanadianPolitical Science Review 11: 1-36.

2.       Maxime Héroux-Legault. 2017.“The Evolution of Methodological Approaches in the Canadian Journal of Political Science.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 50: 121-142.

3.       Adrienne Davidson, Matt Lesch, Maxime Héroux-Legault, Tanya Whyte, Karol Czuba, Zain Asaf, and Alesha Porisky. 2017. “Advancing the Study of Political Cleavages through Experimentation: Revisiting Regionalism and Redistributive Preferences in Canada.” Regional and Federal Studies 27: 1-23.

4.      Maxime Héroux-Legault. 2016. “Substate Variations in Political Values in Canada.” Regional and Federal Studies, 26:171-197.[This article was shortlisted for an award as best article published in Regional and Federal Studies in 2016]

5.      Peter Loewen, Maxime Héroux-Legault, and Carolina de Miguel. 2015.Nationalism and Ethnic Heterogeneity: The Importance of Local Context for Nationalist Party Vote Choice.Electoral Studies, 39:129-141.

6.       André Blais, Jean-Benoît Pilet, Karine Van der Straeten, Jean-François Laslier, and Maxime Héroux-Legault. 2014. “To Vote or to Abstain? An Experimental Study of First Past the Post and PR Elections.” Electoral Studies 36: 39-50.

7.       André Blais, Maxime Héroux-Legault, Laura Stephenson, William Cross and Elisabeth Gidengil.2012. “Assessing the Psychological and Mechanical Impact of Electoral Rules: A Quasi-Experiment.” Electoral Studies 31: 829–837.


 1.     Peter Loewen, Daniel Rubenson, and Maxime Héroux-Legault. 2017. Introduction:Duty and Choice in the World’s Electoral Systems.”in Duty and Choice, Peter J. Loewen and Daniel Rubenson, eds. University of Toronto Press.

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1.       Maxime Héroux-Legault. 2017.“The Decline of the Bloc Québécois during the Harper Decade.” In Regional Dynamics, Institutional Change, and Policy Development in the Harper Era, Julie Simmons and Jim Farney, eds. University of Toronto Press.

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