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Jason Ferrell

Assistant Professor, Limited Term Appointment, Political Science

Teaching activities

Poli 206:  Introduction to Western Political Theory

Poli 317:  Special Topics: Democratic Theory

Poli 345:  Contemporary Political Philosophy

Poli 386:  Liberalism and Its Critics

Poli 388:  Human Rights & International Justice

Poli 415:  Modern Political Theory & Religion

Poli 425:  Foundations of Liberalism

Poli 486:  Advanced Seminar in International Relations

Research activities

History of Political Thought, 20th Century Political Thought, Moral Pluralism, Value Conflict, Liberalism, Distributive Justice, Democratic Theory, 19th Century Russian Literature


"On moral equivalence,” SN Social Sciences, 1, January 2021, 1-22.

“Isaiah Berlin on Monism,” in Critics of Enlightenment Rationalism, ed. Gene Callahan and Kenneth B. McIntyre, 237-249.  London: Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2020.

“Moral Pluralism and Conflict,” Journal of Political Science, 42, December 2014, 53-80.

"Isaiah Berlin as Essayist," Political Theory 40(5), October 2012: 602-628

"Isaiah Berlin: Pluralism and Liberalism in Theory and Practice," Contemporary Political Theory 8 (3), August 2009: 295-316  [Winner of the Contemporary Political Theory Annual Prize, with a £500 award]

"The alleged relativism of Isaiah Berlin," Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 11 (1) March 2008: 41-56

"Glossary of Names," in Isaiah Berlin, Russian Thinkers, ed Henry Hardy and Aileen Kelly, 353-382, New York: Penguin Press

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