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Nima Nateghi, PhD

LTA Assistant Professor, Physics

Research activities

Reasearch interests

- Growth and characterizations of thin films and nanostructures
- Hybrid 2D/Semiconductor systems

Current research project

Integrating graphene and III-V semiconductors through van der Waals epitaxy for optoelectronics applications

Left: Plan-view SEM image of InAs islands grown on Graphene/SiO2, Middle: Cross-sectional TEM image of an InAs island, Right: Cross-sectional TEM image showing the polytypic nature of InAs


Selected publications

N. Nateghi, S. Lambert-Milot, R.A. Masut, “Epitaxial to axiotaxial texture evolution of MnP thin films grown on GaP”, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A. 38, 033412 (2020).

S. Mukherjee
, N. Nateghi, R.M. Jacobberger, E. Bouthillier, M. de la Mata, J. Arbiol, T. Coenen, D. Cardinal, P. Levesque, P. Desjardins, R. Martel, M. S. Arnold, O. Moutanabbir, "
Growth and luminescence of polytypic InP on epitaxial graphene", Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1705592 (2018).

N. Nateghi, S. Lambert-Milot, R.A. Masut, “MnP thin films and nanorods grown on GaP and glass substrates”, J. Cryst.Growth 442, 75 (2016).

N. Nateghi, D. Ménard, R. A. Masut, “Large interface diffusion in endotaxial growth of MnP films on GaP substrates”, J. App. Phys. 116,133512 (2014).

G. Monette, N. Nateghi, R. A. Masut, S. Francoeur, D. Ménard, “Plasmonic enhancement of the magneto-optical response ofMnP nanoclusters embedded in GaP epilayers”, Phys. Rev. B. 86, 245312 (2012).       

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