Concordia University

Ulf Hlobil, PhD

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Office: S-S 310 
S Annex,
2145 Mackay
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2536
Website(s): Personal website
Availability: For students: see office hours on syllabus.
Otherwise: by appointment.



University of Pittsburgh, 2016

University of Leipzig, Doctoral Fellow at the Forschungskolleg Analytic German Idealism, 2015


University of Trier, Magister Artium in Philosophy, 2010


University of Trier, Diplom in Psychology, 2008



Ulf Hlobil (2018). Goodness-Fixing Isn't Good Enough: A Reply to McHugh and Way, Mind.

Ulf Hlobil (2018). We Cannot Infer by Accepting Testimony. Philosophical Studies.

Ulf Hlobil (2018). Faithfulness for Naive Validity. Synthese.

Ulf Hlobil (2018). The Cut-Free Approach and the Admissibility-Curry. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy.

Ulf Hlobil (2017). When Structural Principles Hold Merely Locally. In Pavel Arazim and Tomáš Lávička (eds.) The Logica Yearbook 2016 (pp. 53-67), College Publications: London.

Ulf Hlobil (2016). A Nonmonotonic Sequent Calculus for Inferentialist Expressivists. In Pavel Arazim and Michal Dančák (eds.) The Logica Yearbook 2015 (pp. 87-105), College Publications: London.

Ulf Hlobil (2016). Social Norms and Unthinkable Options. Synthese 193(8):2519–2537.

Ulf Hlobil and Katharina Nieswandt (2016). On Anscombe’s Philosophical Method. Klesis Revue Philosophique 35: 180–198.

Ulf Hlobil (2016). Chains of Inferences and the New Paradigm in the Psychology of Reasoning. Review of Philosophy and Psychology 7(1):1-16.

Ulf Hlobil (2015). Anti-Normativism Evaluated. International Journal of Philosophical Studies 23(3):376-395.

Ulf Hlobil (2015). There Are Diachronic Norms of Rationality. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 4(1):38-45.

Ulf Hlobil (2014). Against Boghossian, Wright and Broome on Inference. Philosophical Studies 167(2):419-429.

Ulf Hlobil, Chaturbhuj Rathore, Aley Alexander,Sankara Sarma & KurupathRadhakrishnan (2008). Impaired Facial Emotion Recognition in Patients withMesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Associated with Hippocampal Sclerosis (MTLE-HS):Side and Age at Onset Matters. Epilepsy Research 80(2-3):150–157.

Edited and Translated Book

Katharina Nieswandt & Ulf Hlobil (eds.) (2014). G.E.M. Anscombe: Aufsätze. Suhrkamp: Berlin.


Ulf Hlobil (2017). A Handbook for Social Change: Bicchieri’s Norms in the Wild.
Metascience, 26(3), 459-462.

Ulf Hlobil (2010). Regel und Witz. Wittgensteinsche Perspektiven auf Mathematik, Sprache und Moral. Zeitschrift für PhilosophischeForschung 64 (3):416-419.

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