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Carolyn Fick, PhD

Associate Professor, History

Professor Fick's areas of special research interest include colonial Caribbeal slavery, the Haitian and French revolutions,  political, social and intellectual currents in eighteenth-and nineteenth-century Atlantic history.  In addition to her book, The Making of Haiti: The Saint Domingue Revolution from Below, she has published numerous articles, book chapters, conference papers and  book reviews in these fields.  Professor Fick is also currently engaged in a  number of collaborative research projects: CURA/ARUC Oral History  Project on refugees from war, genocide and other human rights abuses in Montreal; (McGill/Université de Montreal) French Atlantic History project supported by the Mellon Foundation; (UQAM/Haïti)  Institut Interuniversitaire de Cooperation Internationale avec  Haïti-ICIH; (UQAM/Concordia) project on the social history of  slavery in nineteenth-century Saint-Barthélemy (French West Indies).


B.A. Wayne State Univesity (Detroit), M.A. University of Michigan, Ph.D. Concordia University (Montreal)

Teaching activities



HIST 277/4 Section A

History of Latin America: The Modern Period

HIST 334/2 Section A
History of Haiti: From Independence to Present

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