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Emmanuelle Adrien, PhD

Assistant Professor, LTA, Education

Emmanuelle Adrien, PhD
Office: S-FG 6-141 
Faubourg Ste-Catherine Building,
1610 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5746


PhD, Education: Child Studies, Concordia University (2020)
MA, Education: Child Studies, Concordia University (2012)
BEd, Kindergarten and Elementary, McGill University (2007)
BA, Psychology, McGill University (2004)

Courses Taught at Concordia

EDUC 264 - Communication: Child, Parent and Teacher
EDUC 295 - Internship I: Prekindergarten Teaching
EDUC 296 - Prekindergarten Teaching Seminar
EDUC 297 - Internship II: Observation and Evaluation in Education
EDUC 387 - Teaching Mathematics II
EDUC 388 - Teaching Mathematics III
EDUC 400 - Teaching Across the Curriculum
EDUC 495 - Internship V: Upper Elementary Teaching
EDUC 496 - Upper Elementary Teaching Seminar

Selected Publications

Adrien, E., Osana, H. P., Kong, R. W., Bisanz, J., & LeVos, J. S. (2021). An examination of third-and fourth-graders’ equivalence knowledge after classroom instruction. Journal of Numerical Cognition7(2), 104-124.

Osana, H. P., Przednowek, K., Cooperman, A., & Adrien, E. (2018). Encoding Effects on First-Graders' Use of Manipulatives. The Journal of Experimental Education86(2),154-172.

Osana, H. P., Adrien, E., & Duponsel, N. (2017). Effects of instructional guidance and sequencing of manipulatives and written symbols on second graders’ numeration knowledge. Education Sciences, 7(2). 52.

Howe, N., Adrien, E., Della Porta, S., Peccia, S., Recchia, H., Osana, H. P., & Ross, H. (2016). ‘Infinity Means it Goes on Forever’: Siblings’ Informal Teaching of Mathematics. Infant and Child Development25(2), 137-157.

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