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Tatyana Koreshkova, PhD

Professor, Economics


Tatyana  Koreshkova, PhD
Office: S-H 1155-45 
Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3923
Website(s): Tatyana Koreshkova


PhD (University of Western Ontario)

Fields of specialization

Macroeconomics, Economic Growth and Development, Public Finance, Monetary Economics.

Research interests

Economic Inequality, Human Capital, Savings, Taxation, Public Education.

Professional experience

    •    Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College, 2005-06
    •    Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Iowa, 2003-04
    •    Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College, 2002
    •    Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, 2001

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