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Szilvia Pápai, PhD

Associate Professor, Economics

Szilvia Pápai, PhD
Office: S-H 1155-67 
Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5016
Website(s): Szilvia Pápai


PhD: Caltech

Research interests

Matching Theory, Axiomatic Resource Allocation, Coalition Formation 

Fields of specialization

Game Theory, Social Choice, Market Design

Professional experience

    •    Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Finance, University of Notre Dame
    •    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
    •    Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Koc University


Working Papers

"School Choice with Preference Rank Classes" with Nickesha Ayoade (forthcoming in Games and Economic Behavior)
"Preference Aggregation for Couples" with Rouzbeh Ghouchani
"Balanced Exchange in a Multi-Unit Shapley-Scarf Market" with Péter Biró and Flip Klijn
"Serial Rules in a Multi-Unit Shapley-Scarf Market" with Péter Biró and Flip Klijn

Current Research Projects

"Targeted Priority Reserve Policies" with Dilek Sayedahmed
"Matching with Consecutive Acceptance Intervals" with Asefeh Salarinezhad 
"Matching with Minimal Priority Rights"
"Fairness Comparisons of Strategyproof and Efficient Matching Rules" with Pooya Ghasvareh

Short Contribution

"On the Future of Economic Design — The Personal Ruminations of a Matching Theorist"
appears in The Future of Economic Design, Springer 2019

Recent Research Talks

"School Choice with Preference Rank Classes" Ottawa Theory Workshop, October 2019, Ottawa
"Targeted Priority Reserve Policies" University of Hawaii, November 2019
"Fairness Comparisons of Strategyproof and Efficient Matching Rules" North Carolina State University, February 2020
"Targeted Priority Reserve Policies" Florida State University, March 2020
"School Choice with Preference Rank Classes" Conference on Mechanism and Institution Design (CMID20), online, June 2020
"School Choice with Preference Rank Classes" Online Social Choice and Welfare Seminar Series, January 2021
"Fairness Comparisons of Strategyproof and Efficient Matching Rules" International Conference on Social Choice and Voting Theory, online, June 2021

Selected Publications

Strategyproof Assignment by Hierarchical Exchange

 Econometrica (2000) 68: 1403-1433

Unique Stability in Simple Coalition Formation Games

Games and Economic Behavior (2004) 48: 337-354

Exchange in a general market with indivisible goods

Journal of Economic Theory (2007) 132: 208-237

Editorial Positions

Associate Editor (since 2008): Social Choice and Welfare

Guest editor for Games, special issue on "Matching with Distributional Constraints or Objectives" Submission deadline: August 31, 2022


Econ 695

Economic Design

Econ 614

Game Theory

Econ 440/598

Market Design

Econ 464/564

Game Theory

Conference and Workshop Organization

Economic Design conference, Budapest, June 2019: program committee member

SAET conference, Ischia, Italy, July 2019: organizer of two sessions on Matching

CRM thematic workshop on Agents Behavior in Combinatorial Game Theory, November 2021 (online): co-organizer

Social Choice and Welfare conference, Mexico City, June 2022: program committee member

Council Member

Society for Social Choice and Welfare, 2016-2021

PhD Student Supervision

Pooya Ghasvareh - completed in 2019
Nickesha Ayoade  - completed in 2020
Dilek Sayedahmed - completed in 2021
Asefeh Salarinezhad - completed in 2021
Rouzbeh Ghouchani (co-supervised with Dipjyoti Majumdar) - ongoing
Muntasir Chaudhury - ongoing
Manuel Lepage Lévesque (co-supervised with Ming Li) - ongoing

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