Frank Sanna, MFA

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies


Availability: Email me to set up an appointment.

My research and creation interests include traditional and hybrid forms film and video making, anthropology and philosophy, especially with regards to the role metaphor in human endeavour.

Embracing learning as experiential and embodied through process, my ultimate goal as a production teacher is to inspire students to discover their own motivations and particular perspectives; to develop their capacity for personal insight and authentic expression as ‘voice’ in dialogue between themselves and the world.

Beyond my work as an independent filmmaker, I have an interdisciplinary background in media production that includes photography, graphic design, writing, as well as film restoration. As a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada I have worked extensively within the Art Department in the film and television industry as Art Director, Graphic Designer and in various other roles.

With a particular curiosity for 'environment' and phenomena in general, my art and films are basically an exploration of poetic sensibilities. Through the re-creation of emotional and psychological landscape, my desire is to render or embody alternate, often fragile, or ambiguous perspectives of reality that we normally take for granted. In this respect, I am trying to express an emotional truth about our human need for structure and orientation.

“The Edifice,” my most recent work in 35mm film was awarded Best Experimental Film at the Niagara Indi Film Festival and has screened as part of the Philosophy Film Festival (Festiwal Filmu Filozoficznego) in Krakow, Poland.


BA, Graphic Design, Sherdian College / MFA, Studio Arts: Film Production, Concordia University


Fall / Winter
COMS 284 – Film-Video I
COMS 276 – Sound I
COMS 569 – Media Production: Moving Images

COMS 485 – Video III

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