Alan Nash, PhD

Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

Alan Nash, PhD
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2063

Dr Nash obtained his PhD in historical geography from the University of Cambridge and, after a spell as a Junior Research Fellow in geography at the University of Sheffield in England, came to Canada in the early 1980s. He taught population geography and historical geography at Queen’s University in Kingston, and then held research associate positions at the University Of Western Ontario’s Centre for Canadian Population Studies, and at the Institute for Research on Public Policy in Ottawa. Since joining the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment at Concordia University, Dr Nash has served, on two occasions in the past, as the department chair and has also been the Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Association of Geographers. He currently teaches the introductory undergraduate course “Place, Space and Identity” (GEOG 220) and an upper-level course on the geography of food (GEOG 321: “A World of Food”). His current research focuses on two projects: the patterns of cultural diffusion (or spread) of gravestone designs (using Caribbean and Icelandic examples), and the development of restaurants in Montreal – with case studies so far completed on the increase in restaurants serving international cuisine between 1951 and 2001, and on those restaurants that by delivering meals to the home, brought “the world on a plate” into the domestic sphere.

Professional affiliations

Fellow at Concordia's School of Community and Public Affairs
Member of the Montreal Institute of Genocide Studies

Teaching activities


GEOG 220 - The Human Environment: Place, Space and Identity
GEOG 321 - A World of Food


HENV 605 - Research Concepts and Design

Course materials and other documents

The Annotated Bibliography of Canadian Immigration Research 1982-1992

The Economic Impact of Canada's Business Immigration Program

Graduate Student Supervision (recently completed masters theses)

  1. 2009. Alan Dabrowski, "Home, Green Home: Evolving the Suburban Image of Home to a Deeper Ecology" MSc (Geography, Urban and Environment Studies).
  2. 2009. Jonathan Roux, "Telling Lives, Making Place: The Narratives of Three Haitian Refugees in Montreal" MSc (Geography, Urban and Environment Studies).
  3. 2009. Isabelle Kapiga, "Agents of Change, Colours of Resistance: The Socio-Economic Integration of Filipina Live-In Caregivers in Montreal" MSc (Geography, Urban and Environment Studies).
  4. 2008. Sean Bennell, "Going Local for a Change: Towards a Community Food Security Approach to Farm-to-University Development at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec" MPPA (Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration: Geography Option)
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  8. 2002. Stefania Kologeridis, "Geographic Information Systems within the UNHCR for Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: The Kosovo Case Study". Jointly supervised with Dr David Frost. MPPA (Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration: Geography Option)

Undergraduate supervision (recently completed honours essays)

  1. 2008. Melanie Langlois: "The environmental impact of food distribution in Montreal: a food miles analysis of shepherd's pie".
  2. 2007. Peter Heikamp: "Agricultural adaptation in the vicinity of a new ethanol production plant".
  3. 2006. Bronwen Agnew: "Barriers to a potential sanctuary movement in Montreal".
  4. 2005. Darrell St-Georges: "Community supported agriculture in Montreal: a feasible alternative to the current food system?"
  5. 2004. Megali Chevalier: "Geographers and public policy: mediating the immigration and refugee debate in Canada".
  6. 2002. Marie-Michelle Belanger: "Ethnic restaurants in Montreal".

Selected publications

Participation activities

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