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Peter Bird, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Retired (June 1, 2017)

Peter Bird, PhD
Website(s): Peter Bird
Availability: By appointment.


Ph.D. (Sheffield)

Research interests

Inorganic Chemistry
Inactive for the moment! Formerly inorganic/organometallic synthesis and X-ray crystallography.

Zirconium Borohydride
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[Ir(bpy),(Hbpy)]3+ ion
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Teaching activities

Courses Taught

General Chemistry I (CHEM 205)
General Chemistry II (CHEM 206)
Inorganic Chemistry I (CHEM 241)
Inorganic Chemistry III (CHEM 341)

Research activities

Organometallic Chemistry

Studies have involved the preparation and characterization of a variety of transition metal complexes involving π-bonded organic ligands, for example, η5 cyclopentadiene.

Cyclopentadienyl Chromium Tricarbonyl
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Journal Articles

P.H.Bird, X. Li and J.A. Osborn, “The Preparation and Redox Properties of Compounds with Hydrazido(2-) and Imido Ligands Bound to the Mo(dttd) Group (dttd = 2,3;8,9 dibenzo-1,4,7,10-tetrathiadecane-2)) and the Crystal Structure of Mo(dttd)Cl(NNPh2)”. In preparation.

Hocine Merazig, Fatima Setifi, Zouaoui Setifi, Peter H. Bird, Georges Dénès and Korzior Tam, 2005, K3Sn5Cl3F10 with a corrugated layered structure” Acta Cryst., E61, i120 - i122

Laurence K. Thompson, Virginie Niel, Hilde Grove, David O. Miller, Michael Newlands, Peter H. Bird, Wasantha A. Wickramasinghe, A.B.P. Lever, 2004,  “Cobalt and nickel complexes of a tetradentate phthalazine ligand – mononuclear, dinuclear and trinuclear derivatives” Polyhedron 23, 1175 - 1184.

A. Shaver, J.M. McCall, P.H. Bird and U. Siriwardane, 1991, "The Structure of a Complex Containing a Chelating S32- Ligand: [(C5Me5)2TiS3]" Acta Cryst., C47, 659.

P68.  C. Moralejo, C.H. Langford, and P.H. Bird, 1991, "The Crystal Structure of W(CO)5piperidine: Implications for Photoreactivity of W(CO)5L Complexes" Can. J. Chem., 69, 2033.

A. Shaver, B. Soo Lum, P. Bird, E. Livingstone, and M. Schweitzer, 1990, "Preparation and Crystal Structure of Bis(cyclopentadienyl)tetracarbonylbis(μ‑2‑propanethiolato)ditungsten(II), [CpW(CO)2(μ-SCHMe2)]2, and Bis(cyclopentadienyl)dicarbonylbis(μ‑2‑propanethiolatoditungsten(II), [CpW(CO)(μ-SCHMe2)]2." Inorg. Chem. 29, 1832.

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