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Robert Weladji, PhD

Professor, Biology
Graduate Program Director, Biology

Office: L-SP 437-11 
Richard J. Renaud Science Complex,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3408
Website(s): Visit our lab page

Teaching activities

Population Ecology
Biodiversity & Ecology

Selected publications

S.C. Engelhardt*, R. B.Weladji, Ø. Holand,and M. Nieminen. (2016) Allosuckling in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus): a test of the improved nutrition and compensation hypotheses. Mammalian Biology 81:146-152

G. Body*, R.B. Weladji, Ø. Holand & M. Nieminen (2015) Measuring variation in the frequency of group fission and fusion from continuous monitoring of group size. Journalof Mammalogy 96: 791-799

G. Body*, R.B. Weladji, Ø. Holand & M. Nieminen (2014) Highly competitive reindeer males control female behavior during the rut. PLOSONE 9: e95618

T. Kalioujny*, R.B. Weladji, O. Paré & S.C. Engelhardt* (2014) The effectof zoo visitors on activity patterns of captive African herbivores.
Journalof Biodiversity Management and Forestry 2:3 (online:

N. A. Melnycky*, R.B. Weladji, Øystein Holand & Mauri Nieminen (2013) Scaling of antler size in reindeer (
Rangifer tarandus): sexual dimorphism and variability in resource allocation. Journal of Mammalogy 94:1371-1379.

I. Hébert* & R.B. Weladji (2013) The use of coniferous forests and cutovers by Newfoundland woodland caribou.
Forest Ecology and Management  291: 318-325.

L. L'Italien*, R.B. Weladji, Ø. Holand, K.H. Røed, M. Nieminen & S.D. Côté (2012) Mating group size and stability in reindeer: the effects of male characteristics, sex ratio and male age-structure.
Ethology 118:783-792

A. Granados* & R.B. Weladji (2012) Human-elephant conflict around Bénoué National Park, Cameroon: Influence on local attitudes and implications forconservation.
Human Dimension of Wildlife 17:77-90.

C.C. Morden*, R.B. Weladji, E. Ropstad, E. Dahl, Ø. Holand, G. Mastromonaco & M. Nieminen (2011) Faecal hormones as a non-invasive population monitoring method for reindeer and caribou.
Journal of Wildlife Management 75: 1426-1435.

E.M. Tennenhouse*, R.B. Weladji, Ø. Holand, K.H. Røed & M. Nieminen (2011) Mating group composition influence somatic costs and activity in rutting dominant male reindeer (
Rangifer tarandus). Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 65: 287-295.

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