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Vladimir Titorenko, PhD

Professor and Research Chair in Genomics, Cell Biology and Aging, Biology

Office: L-SP 501-13 
Richard J. Renaud Science Complex,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3424
Website(s): laboratory website


PhD (Moscow)

Research interests

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of aging and age-related disorders


Our demonstration of a potent anti-tumor effect of lithocholic acid in cultured human cancer cells and our identification of the mechanisms underlying such effect of lithocholic acid has been highlighted in the news media, including: The Montreal Gazette; Radio-Canada; The Vancouver Sun; La Presse; Métro Montréal; The Regina Leader-Post; The Windsor Star; The Edmonton Journal; Calgari Herald; MSN Technologie; Bio-Medicine; Medical Xpress; Biology News Net; News Medical; Food Consumer; Science Daily; ScienceNewsline;; Cancer; Anti-Aging News; Herbal Treatment; Le Devoir; FierceBiotech; Drug Discovery & Development;; Psychomedia; mediLexicon; Walfadjri; Medical News Today; Sante log; La Tribune; Bioscience Technology; Concordia NOW; The Concordian and others.

Dr. Vladimir Titorenko has been named “Personnalité de la semaine La Presse/Radio-Canada” (see here and here).

For a discussion of our research on a mechanism underlying a potent anti-tumor effect of lithocholic bile acid in cultured human cancer cells and its potential applications, please watch this YouTube video:

Teaching activities

BIOL 266 (Cell Biology)

Selected publications

Titorenko, V.I. Book review on ″Anti-aging Drugs: From Basic Research to Clinical Practice″. ChemMedChem (2017) in press, doi: 10.1002/cmdc.201700585.

Draz, H.M., Goldberg, A.A., Titorenko, V.I.,Tomlinson Guns, E.S., Safe, S. and Sanderson, J.T. Diindolylmethane and its halogenated derivatives induce protective autophagy in human prostate cancer cells via induction of the oncogenic protein AEG-1 and activation of AMP-dependent kinase (AMPK). Cellular Signalling (2017) 40:172-182.

Mitrofanova,D., Dakik, P., McAuley, M., Medkour, Y., Mohammad, K. and Titorenko, V.I. Lipid metabolism and transport define longevity ofthe yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Front. Biosci. (2017) 22: in press.


Leonov, A., Feldman,R., Piano, A., Arlia-Ciommo, A., Lutchman, V., Ahmadi, M., Elsaser, S., Fakim, H.,Heshmati-Moghaddam, M., Hussain, A., Orfali, S., Rajen, H., Roofigari-Esfahani,N., Rosanelli, L. and Titorenko, V.I.Caloric restriction extends yeast chronological lifespan via a mechanism linking cellular aging to cell cycle regulation, maintenance of a quiescent state, entry into a non-quiescent state and survival in the non-quiescent state. Oncotarget (2017) 8:69328-69350.

Medkour,Y., Dakik, P., McAuley, M., Mohammad, K., Mitrofanova, D. and Titorenko, V.I. Mechanisms underlying the essential role of mitochondrial membrane lipids in yeast chronological aging. Oxid. Med. Cell. Longev.(2017) 2017:2916985.


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Gomez-Perez,A., Kyryakov, P., Burstein, M.T., Asbah, N., Noohi, F., Iouk, T. and Titorenko, V.I. Empirical validation ofa hypothesis of the hormetic selective forces driving the evolution oflongevity regulation mechanisms. Front.Genet. (2016) 7:216.

Gafar, A.A., Draz, H.M., Goldberg, A.A., Bashandy, M.A., Bakry, S.,Khalifa, M.A., AbuShair, W., Titorenko,V.I. and Sanderson, J.T. Lithocholic acid induces endoplasmic reticulumstress, autophagy and mitochondrial dysfunction in human prostate cancer cells.PeerJ (2016) 4:e2445.


Kyryakov, P., Gomez-Perez, A., Glebov, A., Asbah, N., Bruno, L.,Meunier, C., Iouk, T. and Titorenko,V.I. Empirical verification of evolutionary theories of aging. Aging (2016) 8:2568-2589.


Arlia-Ciommo, A., Dakik, P., Leonov, A.,McAuley, M., Medkour, Y., Mohammad, K., Iouk, T., Simard, É. and Titorenko, V.I. Mechanisms throughwhich chemical compounds produced by mammals or plants delay chronologicalaging in yeast. Austin Biol. (2016)1:1011.

Dakik, P. and Titorenko, V.I. Communications between mitochondria, the nucleus,vacuoles, peroxisomes, the endoplasmic reticulum, the plasma membrane, lipiddroplets and the cytosol during yeast chronological aging. Front. Genet. (2016) 7:177.

Lutchman,V., Dakik, P., McAuley, M., Cortes, B., Ferraye, G., Gontmacher, L., Graziano,D., Moukhariq, F., Simard, É. and Titorenko,V.I. Six plant extracts delay yeast chronological aging through differentsignaling pathways. Oncotarget (2016)7:50845-50863.


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Tremblay,M., Zhang, I., Bisht, K., Savage, J., Lecours, C., Parent, M., Titorenko, V.I. and Maysinger, D.Remodeling of lipid bodies by docosahexaenoic acid in activated microglialcells. J. Neuroinflammation (2016)13:116.


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