Vincent Martin, PhD

Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Microbial Engineering and Synthetic Biology, Biology

Vincent Martin, PhD
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5182
Email: vincent.martin@concordia.ca
Website(s): Visit lab pages


PhD (Boston University)
Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Massachusetts-Boston)
Izaak W. Killam Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Alberta)

Research interests

Evolutionary Genomics, Microbiomics, Molecular Systematics, Population Genetics, Phylogeography, Biodiversity Conservation

My research program is aimed at gaining insights into the processes underlying the evolutionary origin and maintenance of biological diversity with specific focus on the ecology, evolution and genomics of forest trees. Understanding these processes provides the necessary basis for the development of sound conservation and sustainable management strategies for forest and agricultural areas. Current research projects in my laboratory include studies in forest tree community assembly, population genetics and microbiomics of tropical and temperate forest trees and crop plants.

Associate editor

BOTANY (Formerly Canadian Journal of Botany)

Council Member

Shastri Indo Canadian Institute


Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Sciences

Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative

Teaching activities

2020 -

Chair (H.O.D.), Biology Department

Board of Governors, Concordia University

Senate, Concordia University


Chair -Interim, Biology Department


Director, Graduate Program in Biology


Director, Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology and Genomics


Honors Program Advisor, Biology Department

Selected publications


BIOL225  Form and Function of Organisms
BIOL340  Plant Biology

BIOL452  Population and Conservation Genetics


BIOL208 Environmental Biology

BIOL466 Advanced Techniques in Molecular Biology

BIOL490 Independent Study

BIOL508 Ecology for Environmentalists

BIOL511 Structural Genomics

BIOL516 Projects in Biotechnology

BIOL602 Molecular Phylogenetics

BIOL670 Scientific Communication

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