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Meghan Joy

Assistant Professor, Political Science

Meghan Joy
Office: S-H 1225-63 
Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2156

I have a PhD in Policy Studies from Ryerson University.

My research explores: the policy and politics of population aging in urban areas; urban politics, policy and theory; and changing relations between the state and nonprofit organizations. 

These topics of interest were combined in my doctoral thesis, which explored the politics of Age Friendly Communities in the City of Toronto, with a focus on the changing roles and capacities of local government and nonprofit organizations in a sociopolitical context of public sector restructuring. I am currently extending this research to other large cities in Canada. 

I also continue to research policy trends such as social impact bonds and social innovation labs and their impact on the nonprofit sector. Finally, I have an ongoing research agenda that explores 'progressive' urban politics. 

I am interested in supervising graduate students on various topics related to urban politics and policy, aging policy, and changing state-nonprofit sector relations.  

Teaching activities

POLI 487 Issues in Urban Governance

POLI 352 Comparative Urban Politics and Government

POLI 349 Political and Social Theory and the City

POLI 636/805 Theories of Public Policy and Public Administration


         Joy, M. (2018). "Problematizing the Age Friendly Cities and Communities Program in Toronto", Journal of Aging Studies. 47-49-56.

Joy, M., Marier, P. and Séguin, A-M.(2018). "La démarche villes-amies des ainés. Un remède universel pour vieillir chez soi?". Les vieillissement sous la loupe: entre mythes et réalités. Laval: Presses de l'Université Laval (in press). 

Joy, M. and Shields, J. (2018). Austerity in the Making: Reconfiguring Social Policy through Social Impact Bonds. Policy & Politics (in press). 

Joy, M. (2018). “Les Municipalités amies des ainés et l’austérité à Toronto”, Pluriâges (in press).

Joy, M. and Shields, J. (2017). “Austerity and the Non-profit Sector: The Case of Social Impact Bonds” in The Austerity State. Eds. McBride, S.and Evans, B. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 309-329.

Joy, M. and Shields, J. (2016)  “The Immorality of Innovation – The Tale of Social Impact Bonds.”  Politics & Policy Journal Blog: (Published October 5, 2016).

Joy, M. and Mustachi, J. (2016) "Equity Planning through Gender-sensitive Planning: The Case of Toronto's Safer City Guidelines". Progressive Planning: The Magazine of Planners Network, Winter (206).

Joy, M. and Vogel, R. K. (2015) “Toronto’s Governance Crisis: A Global City Under Pressure”. Cities, 49: 35-52.

Joy, M. and Shields, J. (2014) 
“Social Impact Bonds” / “Les obligations à impact social”. Public Sector Management / Management Secteur Public 25(3): 10-13.

Joy, M. and Shields, J. (2013) “Social Impact Bonds: The Next Phase of Third Sector Marketization?” Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research 4(2):39-55.

Participation activities

engAGE (Concordia's Centre for Research on Aging):

L’équipe de recherche VIES (Vieillissements, exclusions sociales et solidarités)

Austerity and its Alternatives 

Canadian Political Science Association

International Political Science Association 

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