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Judith Grad, MA



1977 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art Education, Concordia University
1996 - B.A., Specialization in Applied Social Science, Concordia University
2000 - Master’s Degree in Applied Human Sciences, (Human Systems Intervention), Concordia University
2004 - Leadership Training (Phases

Teaching in AHSC
Judith has taught the following courses in the departmnt: Life Span Growth & Development, Self Managed Learning, Interpersonal Communications & Relation, “On Line Course” Interpersonal Communications & Relation, Working in Task Groups, Program Planning, Design & Evaluation, Relationship Development Across the Life Span, Respecting Diversity in Human Relations, Sexuality in Human Relations and Organizational Leadership: Human Systems Approach.

Teaching Philosophy

True learning is a process involving the whole person and is not just an intellectual endeavor.   The learner is invited to bring their curiosity, passion and sense of wonder to the table.  It is in this magnificent dance of participation, collaboration and exchange of ideas that a true state of learning is experienced.

Professional Work

Judith has also been teaching in the Humanities Department at O'Sullivan College in Montreal since 2004.

In her private practice as a Life Skills Counsellor, Personal Coach and Consultant, Judith’s work experience includes counselling and coaching individuals and couples in the area of communication and relationship, sexual orientation and areas of diversity, crisis management, and stress management.  She is also trained in the administration and interpretation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

Her counselling and personal coaching approach is directive.  She is solution oriented with one important difference; the sessions are structured so that clients learn skills which help them move forward at a pace which is relevant to their needs, desired goals and objectives. "Learning to manage our lives is one of the most important skills we will ever be taught. My experience is that many of us have not been given the necessary tools to manage our lives and lack the skills to do so. This results in poor communications, difficult relationships and, ultimately, not creating the life that we desire. The good news is that it's never too late." Using various talking therapies, reflective work, skill building, breath therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, meditation techniques for being in the ‘here and now’, clients are given the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their choices, their behaviours, and their self-talk which no long work.  Here, a safe environment is created where the individual can learn skills and strategies to make the necessary changes to achieve the outcomes and the life they desire.

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