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Cédric Jamet, M.A.

Lecturer, Applied Human Sciences


A graduate from the Applied Human Sciences Department in Concordia (M.A. Human Systems Interventions 2016), Cédric has spent the last 10 years supporting individuals, teams, organizations and communities to invent creative ways to think, do and live together in alignment with their collective values. In this spirit, he has designed and hosted dozens of inclusive strategic conversations and participatory processes with a wide diversity of partners, including public institutions, ONGs, foundations, businesses and activist groups. 

His teaching and practicing interests include community development, sustainability, and social justice. On a personal level, he is profoundly engaged towards a vision of communities, organizations and social movements as spaces where one can learn and practice the magical and somewhat tricky art of becoming better humans.

Teaching activities

AHSC 415 - Sustainability in communities and organizations

AHSC 445 - Community Development

AHSC 435 - Fieldwork

AHSC 439 - Internship in Human Relations

AHSC 698 - Masters project seminar

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