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Policy on Hours of Operation, Access Outside the Hours of Operation and Working Alone or in Isolation (VPS-4)


When the university is closed, or when it is outside of normal operating hours, and/or when individuals are working in isolated spaces within the university, those individuals should take extra safety measures. VPS-4 aims to inform the Concordia community of the services at their disposal, and ways for them to feel safe on campus.

Policy overview

This policy sets out the times and dates when the University is open and accessible, closed and/or when there are access restrictions in place. Persons working or present on university premises after hours or working alone or in isolation must do so in accordance with the Policy and in conditions which are safe and secure. The policy covers issues such as university closures, statutory holidays, emergency weather protocol, library access, cancellation of classes or exams, and the responsibilities of individuals, services and departments within the university to respect safety procedures.

For more information

For information relating to campus safety, security services, and emergency preparedness plans, please visit Campus Safety and Prevention Services. You can also visit Environmental Health and Safety for information on safety trainings.

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