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Patrik Marier, PhD

Professor, Political Science
Research Chair in Aging and Public Policy, Political Science

Office: S-H 1225-61 
Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5187
Website(s): Research Chair in Aging and Public Policy

Dr. Patrik Marier obtained his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh. He holds a Concordia University Research Chair in Aging and Public Policy and held a Canada Research Chair in Comparative Public Policy between 2005 and 2015.

Dr. Marier’s research focuses on the impact of aging populations on a number of public policy fields including pensions, healthcare, and labour policy across comparative cases. He is currently completing a book length manuscript on how Canadian provinces are preparing themselves to face the consequences and opportunities of an aging population. Dr. Marier has also written numerous publications on the politics of pension reforms in industrialized countries.

The CURC in Aging and Public Policy seeks to achieve three broad objectives. First, it aims to cement and enhance the development of collaborative research projects in public policy on issues related to aging. Second,the CURC in Aging and Public Policy will facilitate the continuation of and add depth to three major research projects focused on the autonomy of seniors, caregiving and pension policy. Finally, it will develop a speaker series devoted to policy issues surrounding aging and workshops in social gerontology.

Dr. Marier is the Scientific Director of CREGÉS, a university research centre housed at the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal. It is a unique centre devoted to the field of social gerontology that encourages the development of research and innovating practices. The centre has more than 50 members, 33 of which are regular members. This includes university researchers from 11 different disciplines and six Quebec universities (Concordia, Laval, McGill, Université de Montréal, UQAM and UQTR).

Dr. Marier is also the lead researcher for the FRQSC Team Aging, Social Exclusion, and Solidarities (VIES), a collaborator in the Ageing Communication Technologies partnership grant (ACT), a member of CIRANO, and a member of PERFORM. 


PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Research interests

Public Policy; Public Administration; Social Gerontology; Social Policies; Pension Policies; Comparative Public Policy

Research activities

Ongoing Research Grants As Principal Investigator

FRQSC Soutien aux Équipes de recherche - Partenariat (Principal investigator – 14members), Équipe de recherche Vieillissements,exclusions sociales et solidarités, programmation L’inclusion sociale des personnes âgées : enjeux spatio-temporels,($572,931), 2018-2022


ConsulatGénéral de France au Québec, Programme de mobilité de chercheurs québécois enFrance, Séjour de recherche à l’Institutnational d’études démographique (INED) dans le cadre du projet Personnes âgéeset solidarités locales (PASOLO), ($ 6 430), 2018-201

Concordia OVPRGS(co-director with Meghan Joy, Concordia). The Politics of Social Gerontology inAsian Post-Industrialized Societies ($76 000), 2017-2019.


ANR/FQRSC(co-principal investigator with Lois Trabut, INED). PASOLO: Personnes Âgées et Solidarités Locales, $567000 (partie québécoise$201 000), 2016-2020.


Concordia OVPRGS.Concordia University Research Chair in Aging and Social Policy, $100 000,2015-2020.


FQRSC Soutien aux infrastructures de recherche des Institutset des Centres affiliés universitaires du secteur social (SI) (PrincipalInvestigator – 57 members), Regards sur lavieillesse et le vieillissement: de l'expérience singulière aux enjeuxcollectifs, ($866,957), 2014-2019.


SSHRC (Principal Investigator with Philippe Apparicio,Annette Leibing, and Anne-Marie Séguin, all co-investigators). The Politics of Social Gerontology,($294,352), 2014-2019.




Billette, Véronique, Patrik Marier and Anne-MarieSéguin (eds.) (2018). Les vieillissements sous la loupe : entre mythes et réalités. Québec : Les Presses de l’Université Laval.

Marier, Patrik (ed.) (2012). Le vieillissement de la population et les politiques publiques : enjeux d’ici et d’ailleurs. Québec: Les Presses de l’Université Laval;

Marier, Patrik (2008). Pension Politics: Consensus and Social Conflict in Ageing Societies. London: Routledge. 

Peer-reviewed journals

·  Caradec, Vincent, Aline Chamahian, Patrik Marier, Anne-Marie Séguin (2017). Introduction :Les territoires du vieillissement. Lien social et Politiques.79 : 4-16.


·  Liang, Jiayin and Patrik Marier (2017). Awaiting Long Term Care Servicesin a Rapidly Changing Environment: Voices from Older Chinese Adults. Journalof Population Ageing, 10(4): 385-401.


· Marier Patrik, and Isabelle VanPevenage (2017). Three competing interpretations of policy problems: Tame andWicked Problems through the Lenses of Population Aging. Policy & Society.36(3): 430-445.


· Grenier, Amanda, ChristopherPhillipson, Debra Laliberté-Rudman, Stephanie Hatzifilalithis*, KarenKobayashi, and Patrik Marier (2017). Precarity in Later Life: Understanding newforms of insecurity and risk. Journal of Aging Studies,43(December): 9-14.


· Marier, Patrik and MarinaRevelli* (2017). Compassionate Canadians and Conflictual Americans? Portrayalsof Ageism in Liberal and Conservative Media in Canada and the United States. Ageing and Society, 37(8): 1632-1653.


· Marier, Patrik (2017). ThePolitics of Policy Adoption: A Scandinavian Tale on the Difficulties ofEnacting Policy Diffusion or Transfer Across Industrialized Countries. Policy Sciences, 50(3), 427-448.


· Cooper, Chris* and PatrikMarier (2017). Does it Matter Who Works at the Center? A Comparative PolicyAnalysis of Executive Styles. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 19(1): 1-16.


· Paterson, Stephanie, PatrikMarier and Felix Chu* (2016). Technocracy or Transformation? Mapping Women’sPolicy Agencies and Orienting Gender (In) Equality in the Canadian Provinces. Canadian Public Administration,59(3): 405-424.

o  J.E.Hodgetts Award, presented to the finest article in English appearing in theprevious year’s Canadian PublicAdministration.


· Marier, Patrik and Isabelle VanPevenage (2016). The Invisible Women: Gender and Caregiving in FrancophoneMedia. Romanian Journal of Communication and PublicRelations, 18(1): 77-88.


· Marier, Patrik (2016). DevineIntervention? Lessons in Systemic Retrenchment from Canada’s Most GenerousWelfare State. Regional and Federal Studies, 26(2):221-241.


·  Marier, Patrik, Stephanie Paterson and Mariel Angus* (2014). Fromquacks to professionals: the importance of changing social constructions in thepolicy-making process. Policy Studies, 35(4): 413-433.


·  Marier, Patrik (2013). How Should We Administer Population Aging? ACanadian Comparison. International Journal of Canadian Studies,47: 101-122.


·  Marier, Patrik (2013). ASwedish Welfare State in North America? The Development of the SaskatchewanWelfare State, 1944-1982. Journalof Policy History, 25(4): 614-637.


·  Marier, Patrik (2013). Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune? ComparingCanada’s and EU’s Expansionary Role in Pensions. Canadian Public Administration,56(2): 322-337.


·  Marier, Patrik (2012). Squeezing Social Partners to Embrace Reforms:The Case of Private Earnings Related Pension Schemes, Global Social Policy, 12(3): 316-331.


·  Marier, Patrik (2009). The Power of Institutionalized Learning: The Uses and Practices ofCommissions to Generate Policy Change, Journal of European Public Policy, 16(8): 1204-1223.


·  Marier, Patrik and Suzanne Skinner* (2008). TheImpact of Gender and Immigration on Pension Outcomes in Canada, Canadian Public Policy, 34(s1): 59-78.


·  Marier, Patrik (2008). TheChanging Conception of Pension Rights in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.Social Policy and Administration, 42(4): 418-433.


·  Marier, Patrik (2008). Empowering Epistemic Communities: Specialisedpoliticians, policy experts, and policy reform. West European Politics, 31(3):513-533.


·  Haverland, Markus and Patrik Marier (2008). Adapting Public Policiesfor an Aging Society. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis:Research and Practice, 10(1): 1-6.


·  Marier, Patrik and Jean F. Mayer (2007). Welfare retrenchment associal justice: pension reform in Mexico. Journal of Social Policy, 36(4):585-604.


·  Marier, Patrik (2007). Affirming, Transforming, or NeglectingGender? The Politics of Gender in the Pension Reform Process. Social Politics: International Studies inGender, State & Society, 14(2):182-211.


·  Béland, Daniel and Patrik Marier (2006). The Politics of ProtestAvoidance: 

LaborMobilization and Social Policy Reform in France. Mobilization: An International Journal, 11(3): 297-311.


·  Marier, Patrik (2005). Where did the Bureaucrats Go? Role andInfluence of the Public Bureaucracy in the Swedish and French pension reformdebate. Governance: An International Journal ofPolicy, Administration, and Institutions, 18(4): 521-544.


·  Mayer, Jean F. and Patrik Marier (2005). Unions and PensionReforms in Mexico: The Impact of Democratic Governance. Journal of Iberianand Latin American Studies, 11(2): 29-51.


·  Hallerberg, Mark and Patrik Marier (2004). Executive Authority, thePersonal Vote, and Budget Authority in Latin America and Caribbean Countries. American Journal of Political Science,48(3): 571-587.

Peer-reviewed specialized study

Marier, Patrik (2010). Improving Canada’s Retirement Saving: Lessons from Abroad, Ideas from Home. IRPP Study, No. 9. Montréal: Institute for Research on Public Policy. 

Recent Book chapters

· Béland, Daniel and PatrikMarier (forthcoming). ‘Universality and the Erosion of Old Age Security’ inDaniel Béland, Gregory P. Marchildon, and Michael J. Prince (eds.) Universality and Social Policy in Canada.Toronto: University of Toronto Press.


·  Marier, Patrik, Anne-Marie Séguin andVéronique Billette (2018). Enjeux de politiques publiques etcomplexités du vieillissement VéroniqueBillette, Patrik Marier and Anne-Marie Séguin (eds.) Les vieillissements sous la loupe : entre mythes et réalités.Québec : Presses de l’Université Laval. P. 275-286.


·  Marier, Patrik, Yves Carrière and JonathanPurenne (2018). ‘Riche comme Crésus ? Le mythe desaînés riches’ Véronique Billette, Patrik Marier and Anne-Marie Séguin (eds.) Les vieillissements sous la loupe : entre mythes et réalités. Québec : Presses de l’UniversitéLaval. P. 25-34.


·  Carrière, Yves, Patrik Marier, JonathanPurenne and Diane Galarneau (2018). ‘Les annéesajoutées à la vie : années de retraite ou de travail ?’ Véronique Billette,Patrik Marier and Anne-Marie Séguin (eds.) Les vieillissementssous la loupe : entre mythes et réalités. Québec : Presses de l’Université Laval. P.169-178.


·  Gilbert, Norma, Annette Leibing and Patrik Marier (2018). ‘Multiples autonomies : Naviguerl’univers du soutien à domicile’. Véronique Billette, Patrik Marier andAnne-Marie Séguin (eds.) Les vieillissements sous la loupe :entre mythes et réalités. Québec : Presses de l’Université Laval. P. 249-256.


·  Joy, Meghan, Patrik Marier andAnne-Marie Séguin (2018). ‘Ladémarche villes-amies des aînés. Un remède universel pour vieillir chezsoi ?’. Véronique Billette, Patrik Marier and Anne-Marie Séguin (eds.) Les vieillissements sous la loupe : entre mythes et réalités. Québec : Presses de l’Université Laval. P.75-84.


·  Van Pevenage, Isabelle, Zelda Freitas, Patrik Marier and Pam Orzeck(2018). ‘Les familles abandonnentles personnes âgées ?’ Véronique Billette, Patrik Marier and Anne-Marie Séguin(eds.) Les vieillissements sous la loupe : entremythes et réalités. Québec: Presses de l’Université Laval.


·  Séguin Anne-Marie, Véronique Billette etPatrik Marier (2018). ‘Les vieillissements sous laloupe : regards sur des expériences diversifiées’ Véronique Billette, Patrik Marier andAnne-Marie Séguin (eds.) Lesvieillissements sous la loupe : entre mythes et réalités.Québec : Presses de l’Université Laval.


· Marier, Patrik (2017). ‘PublicInquiries’, in Marleen Brans, Iris Geva-May and Michael Howlett (eds.) Handbook of Comparative Policy Analysis.London: Routledge. P. 169-180.


· Marier, Patrik (2017). ‘PolicyProblems,’ Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of PoliticalScience. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


· Marier,Patrik and Anne-Marie Séguin (2015). ‘Demography andAging’, Daniel Béland and Pierre-Marc Daigneault (eds.) Perspectiveson Provincial Social Assistance in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. P.339-352


· Komp, Kathrin and Patrik Marier(2015). ‘The state in ageing Canada: From old age policies to life-coursepolicies’, in Kathrin Komp and Stina Johansson (eds.), Population ageing from a life-course perspective: A critical andinternational approach. Bristol: Policy Press: 221-235.

Teaching activities


POLI 330                 Principles of Public Administration
POLI 604                 Comparative Public Policy
POLI 607/815B        Ageing and Public Policy
POLI 622                 Comparative Public Administration
POLI 636/805          Theories of Public Policy and Public Administration

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