Social Justice

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What is social justice? Why does it matter? How might it be achieved?

The exploration of these questions requires input from many academic disciplines as well as from the public more generally.  For example, philosophers reflect on how to understand central ideas of social justice, reflecting on principles of dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity.  Literature scholars, historians, sociologists and anthropologists illuminate complexities resulting from the fact that ideas and principles of justice can be construed in many ways in different contexts. Finally, political scientists, economists, gender scholars and public policy researchers study and develop proposals aimed to foster social justice and how these could be implemented through institutions and practices.

Our mission is fourfold:  First, we provide a platform to organize and showcase research on social justice carried out at Concordia University.  Second, we provide an overview of the courses and other pedagogical initiatives on social justice offered at Concordia.  Third, we aim to connect Concordia’s research and teaching with the research and teaching on social justice in other universities. Finally, we endeavor to link the academic work at Concordia with the political movements for social justice in Montreal and beyond.


Pablo Gilabert
Katharina Nieswandt
Mary Esteve

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