Narrating Childhood

The Narrating Childhood working group brings together eight scholars, whose work engages with a broad range of disciplinary perspectives, including memory studies, oral history, creative writing, gender studies, ethnomusicology, sensory history, Irish studies, and the history of the emotions.  Situated at the intersection between scholarly and creative writing, this working group provides a locus for dialogue and exchange between literary scholars, historians, writers, and performers. This project aims to create a dynamic space for exploring narratives of childhood and telling family stories in ways that are at once rigorous in their modes of inquiry and creative and experimental in their modes of expression. 

The working group is composed of doctoral students, a Banting post-doctoral fellow, and faculty. Its members seek to explore the methodological issues that arise when transmuting family stories into works of scholarly and creative writing and to broaden the scope of their research methods and creative practice.  Through a series of discussions and workshops structured around the themes of “Narrative Experiments”, “Troubling Methodologies”, and “Silences & Secrets,” participants will have the opportunity to gain critical perspectives on their work by engaging with writers across diverse literary genres.

Planned activities include a guest lecture and afternoon-long workshop, offered by a creative writer, who is herself fluent in marrying the forms of historical writing and literary non-fiction. In addition, a historian and documentary film-maker will give a public lecture, reflecting on her work of telling difficult family stories. Please check back soon for further details.


Kelly Norah Drukker, PhD student, Humanities PhD Program

Barbara Lorenzkowski, Associate Professor, Department of History

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