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The Centre's research fellows, research associates, and advisory board members come together in transdisciplinary research and research-creation to explore how sustainability studies and initiatives can help shape the future of human communities and the ecosystems they depend upon.

Our researchers come from a wide variety of disciplines, including Biology; Business; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Communication Studies; Design; Economics; Engineering; English; Geography Planning and Environment; History; Journalism; Management; Music; Philosophy; Political Science; Sociology and Anthropology; and Theological Studies.

  • Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Political Economy, Ecological Economics, Development Economics, Economic Alternatives Political Ecology, Feminist Economics, Social Movements
  • Professor, Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
    Sustainable Mobility, City Logistics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Congestion, Connected Communities, Quality assurance in supply chain management, IT & Decision making, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Cybernetics
  • Associate Professor, Philosophy
    Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Psychology, Ethics of Biotechnology, Virtue Ethics and Well-being
  • Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Hydro-geomorphology and river dynamics, River management in agricultural watersheds, Geographical Information Systems, Morphodynamic numerical modelling, Stream restoration for fish habitat.
  • Associate Professor, Applied Human Sciences
Scientific Research Manager, CERC Smart, Sustainable, and Resilient Communities and Cities

Smart, sustainable cities; University campuses as living labs; architecture; innovation management; urban labs; university-industry partnerships; sustainable energy concepts; social innovation


  • Associate Professor, Management
    Concordia University Research Chair in Resilience and Institutions
    Institutional Theory, sustainability, stakeholder theory, the informal economy
  • Professor and Research Chair in Early Adolescent Development, Psychology
    Principal, Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability
    Peer Relations, Social Development, Origins of Psychopathology, Culture, Economic Inequality, Early Adolescence, Studying Change
  • Professor, Music
  • Assistant Professor, Journalism
  • Professor and Chair, Department of, Biology
    Evolution and maintenance of biodiversity in forest and agricultural landscapes
  • Professor, Biology
    Individual behaviour in insect-plant interactions, and its role in population-level processes
  • Professor, Economics
    Dean, Graduate Studies, School of Graduate Studies
    Game Theory, Coalition Formation, Cartel Stability Environmental Economics, International Environmental Agreements
  • Associate Dean and Professor, English
  • Assistant Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    Asset Management, Water System Sustainability, Infrastructure Resilience
  • Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    Urban energy systems, 3D City modeling, Urban data and simulation platform development, Renewable energies, Zero Carbon Cities, Demand response and flexibility, District and solar heating and cooling networks, sustainable transport
  • Associate Professor, Biology
    Evolutionary applications to conservation biology; adaptation to environmental change; fisheries and wildlife management; population, conservation and quantitative genetics; molecular ecology.
  • Professor, Philosophy
    Contemporary European Philosophy (in particular Critical Theory, Deconstruction); Social and Political Philosophy; Ethics; Environmental Philosophy

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry, biogeochemistry, climate change, environmental forensics, stable isotopes, chemical oceanography.
  • Associate Professor and Chair, Centre for Engineering in Society
    Affiliate Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Technology and Society, Urban Infrastructure, Cities, Development Studies, Engineering Education, Global Engineering
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering
    Flow batteries, Fuel cells, Electrosynthesis, Electrochemical sensors, Electrochemistry fundamentals
  • Professor, Biology
    The distribution of resources in space and time and their influences on the aggressiveness of animals
  • Part Time Instructor, Political Science
    Environmental Politics, International Political Economy, Global Governance, International Relations, Lobbying, Private Standards, Forestry, Trade Barriers
  • Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Environment and Infrastructure, Politics, Bureaucracy, Paraguay, Montreal, Water
  • Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Landscape ecology, including road ecology, Quantification and assessment of landscape structure and landscape change, Urban sprawl, Ecological modelling, Impact assessment.
  • Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Remote sensing; Geographic Information Systems; Ecosystem structure, function and services; vegetation dynamics; land use change and climate change; biodiversity,
  • Part Time Instructor, Political Science
    Lecturer, Political Science
    Energy politics and policy, global environmental politics, sustainability transitions, social-technical aspects of sustainable development, International politics, the role of technology in development, U.S. politics, methodology
  • full professor, Design and Computation Arts
    fellow of the loyola college for diversity &sustainability, Loyola International College
    d_verse research/creation (&all things verse, reversed, in.verse), Fine Arts
    social design, research-creation, media arts, social creativity, textile arts, poetics, performance art, responsive environments, experimental typography, interface design, social networks, collective creations, community-university, the live of animals, clothing and dress, activism, urban futures, democratic values, ethnocultural diversity, sustainability studies
  • Professor, Biology
    Community ecology and biogeography, Macroecology, Biodiversity, Global Change, Entomology
  • Assistant Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    Infrastructure Investment, Construction Analytics, Sustainability & Resilience in Infrastructure System, Engineering Decision-Making, Construction Management and Economics, Project Delivery System, Project Finance
  • Associate Professor, Management
  • Professor and Concordia Research Chair in Climate Science and Sustainability, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Climate change, global climate modelling, climate impacts, allowable emissions for climate mitigation targets, national contributions to climate change
Part-time instructor, Geography, Planning and Environment Climate change, water resource management, Northern studies
  • Assistant Professor, Education
    adult education; sustainability/environmental education, urban political ecology, gentrification, institutional ethnography, community-based research, participatory visual methods
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    New media, environment, interactive documentary, VR, human rights, community based research, participatory documentary, feminist media, climate change, refugee youth, research-creation
  • Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    Distinguished Research Professor and former Concordia Research Chair in Geoenvironmental Sustainability (Tier I), Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    Director, Concordia Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainable Systems
    Environmental Engineering, Surfactant-enhanced washing and flushing of contaminated soils and sediments, Treatment and management of metal-contaminated soils, sediments and wastes, Bioremediation, Physical, chemical and biological treatment of wastewater, Biological treatment of air.
  • Professor and Associate Vice-President, Research (Development and Outreach), Geography, Planning and Environment
    Indigenous stewardship; Traditional Ecological Knowledge; Indigenous conservation and protected areas; traditional fisheries; seaweed harvesting; ethno-geomorphology
  • Associate Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    Hydrology, water security and climate change, coupled human-water systems, mathematical modeling and algorithm development
  • Professeure titulaire, Sociology and Anthropology
    Full Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Transdisciplinary Research; Socio-environmental Sustainability; Biodiversity Conservation Governance; Decolonization
  • Professor, Management
  • Assistant Professor, Biology
    quantitative ecology, fisheries, marine and aquatic community ecology, rapid change in ecosystems, movement ecology, biostatistics
  • Professor, Biology
    aquatic ecology, fish biology, spatial ecology, community ecology, biodiversity, biostatistics, quantitative ecology
  • Associate Professor, Political Science
    Comparative Politics; Policy; Africa; natural resources; (de)centralization; elections; social justice and inclusion; research design
  • Assistant Professor, Management
    Institutional theory, Sustainability, Social Innovation
  • Assistant Professor - First Peoples Studies, School of Community and Public Affairs
  • Assistant Professor, Political Science
    International Relations, climate change, global environmental politics, international organizations, international cooperation.
  • Associate Professor, Centre for Engineering in Society
  • Professor, Journalism
  • Marine invasions, climate change effects on marine systems, and the interaction between the two with implications for ocean sustainability
Assistant Professor, Biology Climate change impacts on marine systems, marine invasions
  • Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    North American freshwater availability, decadal-to-centennial water variability, regional hydrology and climate, impacts of global warming, water management for sustained droughts and floods, paleoclimatology, tree-rings, pollen, instrumental data, climate models.
  • Professor Emeritus, Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts), EV1-631, Studio Arts
    media arts; social justice; embodied interaction; stereoscopic 3D video; spatialized audio; installation; archive and memory; race and digital space; migration; the environment and sustainability
  • Academic Advisor and Research Administration Coordinator, Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability
    Part-time Faculty, Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability
    Part-time Faculty, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Research Administration Coordinator, Loyola Sustainability Research Centre (LSRC)
    Sustainability, ecology, forest management
  • Associate Professor and Chair, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Transportation policy, projects and politics; built environment characteristics of Canada's metropolitan areas; urban sprawl and the effect of legally protecting non-urban land; urban planning in the developing world.
  • Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Primatology, Behavioural ecology, Japanese macaques and disability, Animal behaviour and behavioural plasticity, Human-animal interactions, Animal responses to human-induced environmental change, Conservation and biodiversity in northeastern Brazil
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    environmental and ecological humanities; atomic photography; nuclear and atomic history and aesthetics; cultural theory; writing as method; north and nordicity; monuments, archives and memory; risk and futurity
  • Professor, Biology
    Graduate Program Director, Biology
    Behavioural ecology of large herbivores, life history strategies and evolutionary ecology, population ecology, population dynamics, terrestrial ecosystems ecology, wildlife conservation and management, wildlife ecology, welfare of captive wildlife.
  • Associate Professor, History
  • Assistant Professor, Biology
    Landscape ecology; ecosystem services; biodiversity science; urban ecology; multifunctional landscapes; forest ecology; land-use legacies; sustainability
Name Research interest

Eric Abitbol


Peace-building and resource governance

Anna-Liisa Aunio

(Dawson College)

Critical food studies, social network analysis, active learning

Piero Genovesi

(IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group)

Invasive species, carnivore conservation

Christopher Gore

(Ryerson University)

Comparative urban and environmental politics, global environmental governance, urban and environmental policymaking and administration, the politics of infrastructure, agriculture and natural resources, Internet governance

William V. Kennedy


Programme Officer at UN Fund for International Partnerships

Sandy Lamalle

(Earth Systems Governance Representations of and Rights for the Environment Workgroup)

Law, international organisations, environmental  governance, Indigenous rights and law, environmental humanities, legal linguistics and semiotics

Shane Mulligan

(Life Coop)

Environmental politics and energy

Cristina Romanelli

(World Health Organization)

Biodiversity and ecosystem management and conservation, global and public health, One Health, climate change, regulatory energy policy

Tonia Ruppenthal

(Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences)

Strategic and sustainability marketing and management, corporate social responsibility, sustainable business models

Laura Shillington

(John Abbott College)

Gender, political ecology, and urban social-environmental justice in Central America

Peter Stoett

(Ontario Tech University)

International relations and law, global environmental politics, human rights, biodiversity conservation policy, transnational environmental crime, marine pollution prevention, climate justice, Canadian-American environmental relations

Owen Temby

(University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)

North American environmental politics and policy, urban sustainability, environmental policy history, interagency and multilateral policy networks

Scott Vaughan

(International Institute for Sustainable Development)

Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable finance, governance and multilateral agreements
Name Research interest

Jacob Baby

(PhD Student)

Urban development in India, transit-oriented development, non-motorized transportation in cities,  public policy

Valérie Bolduc

(MSc Student)

Conservation, road effects, connectivity, corridors

Isabelle Boucher

(PhD Student)

Communications, socio-environmental impacts of renewable energy infrastructures in Quebec

Debdeep Chaterjee

(PhD Student)

Corporate environmental practice, institutional theory

Jenny Chaverri

(PhD Student)

Electric vehicles, gender equity, urban mobility

Pramila Choudry

(PhD Student)

Sustainable textiles, material culture, craft-based knowledge systems, circularity

Jonathan Cole

(PhD Student)

Wildlife management, landscape ecology, landscape connectivity

Chloe Cull

(MSc Student)

Urban ecology, conservation, human-use, birds, urban greenspaces, parks

Miguel Ángel Del Pino

(MASc Student)

Decision-making in both corporate and policy areas, decision-analytic frameworks

Joëlle Dubé

(PhD Student)

Intergenerational justice and contemporary art

Stephanie Eccles

(PhD Student)

Biogas, agricultural waste, environmental justice

Elahe Fakoor

(PhD Student)

Surface engineering, life-cycle assessment

Ahad Farnood

(PhD Student)

Transit, travel behaviour, development, planning

Caleb Fenez

(MSc Student)

Biodiversity, connectivity, private land, restauration, urban ecology

Kyleisha Foote

(PhD Student)

Stream habitat restoration, fluvial geomorphological, environmental economics and externalities, sustainable land use practices, and water quality and quantity problems

Clara Freeman-Cole

(MSc Students)

Landscape fragmentation, landscape ecology

Marie Gagné

(Post-doctoral Fellow)

Land access, agricultural development, natural resource management, food security

Brian Gallagher

(PhD Student)

Human impacts on the ecology and evolution of fishes

Sabina Gámez Ibarra

(MFA student)

Embodiment,  self-recognition,  body-environment relationships, virtual reality, ecology 

Mikaela Gerwing

(PhD Student)

Primatology; wildlife reintroduction; wildlife rehabilitation; animal personality; conservation; human-wildlife coexistence

Julia Ginsburg

(PhD Student)

Environmental and sustainability education

Maida Hadziosmanovic

(PhD Student)

Corporate accountability for climate change, emissions accounting

Olha Hnatyshyn

(PhD Student)

International environmental agreements, climate change

Yogi Joseph

(PhD Student)

Mobility, transport infrastructure, commuting, cycling, walking

Kyle Krumsick

(Postdoctoral Fellow)

Sustainable fisheries management            

Semini Kushara Nawalage

(PhD Student)

Tropical forest dynamics, floral phylogeny, rhizosphere, carbon storage

Mark Kwakye Frimpong

(PhD Candidate)

Politics of energy reform, Sub-Saharan Africa, private-sector participation

Caroline Lesage

(MSc Student)

Animal personality, behavioural ecology, human-wildlife conflicts, conservation

Rubens Lima Moraes

(PhD Student)

Water management, politics of knowledge production

Tayebeh Malmir

(MASc Student)

Sustainable food production, urban agriculture

Sepideh Mosharafian

(MSc Student)

Greenbelts, urban sprawl

Alexander Pace

(PhD Student)

Dendroclimatology, climate history

Gerald Pond

(PhD Student)

Climate change, migration, human rights, Latin America, Africa, Indo-Pacific

Kian Rahimi

(PhD Student)

Process-based environmental life cycle assessment models

Negarsadat Rahimi

(PhD Student)

Façade design characteristics, façade data model, building energy efficiency

Sreelakshmi Ramachandran

(PhD Student)

Active mobility, technological change, urban experimentation

Isabella Richmond

(PhD Student)

Urban trees, ecosystems

Paul Savary

(Post-doctoral Fellow)

Community ecology, spatial ecology, graph theory, landscape genetics

Faisal Shennib

(PhD Student)

Waste management, data mining, big data, remote sensor technology, machine learning algorithms, circular economy

Allegra Spensieri

(MSc Student)

Butterflies, invasive species

Brogan Stewart

(PhD Student)

Japanese macaques, animal behaviour, behavioural flexibility, animal disability

Andrée Tremblay

(PhD Student)

Environmental communication, memory, sensory and care studies, urban design, storytelling, food justice

Jordi Vilanova i Broto

(PhD Student)

Community ecology, biogeography, conservation

Haddie Winters

(PhD Student)

Energy transitions, energy governance, sustainable development, and sub-Saharan Africa

Nicole Yu

(PhD Student)

Urban biodiversity, arthropods

Larissa Zemke

(MFA Student)

Sustainable fashion, sustainable textile design practices
Name Thesis Degree
Anders Bjørn
Science-based targets for corporate greenhouse gas emissions Post-doc
Arun Dayanadan Effects of elevated predation risk on female mate selection and maternal effects in Trinidadian guppies
MSc spring 2022
Cheryl Gladu The good fight: The development of dialogue in Canadian cohousing communities
PhD spring 2019
Sherif Goubran Our building have what? Green buildings and sustainable development PhD spring 2021
Kayleigh Hutt-Taylor Assessing urban tree taxonomic diversity, composition and structure across public and private green space types: A community-based tree inventory
MSc spring 2022
Emily Kroft The effects of urban density on the provision of multiple health related ecosystem services
MSc fall 2021
Duane Noel Assessing the influence of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on discharge variability in western North America
MSc fall 2021  
Claire O'Neill-Sanger A 2300-year reconstruction of environmental change from Parc national du Mont-Orford, southeastern Québec, using high-resolution pollen, charcoal and X-ray fluorescence records
MSc fall 2020
Parnian Pourtaherian How do greenbelts affect urban sprawl in European cities?
MSc spring 2022
Keroles Riad New materials for stereolithography 3D printing PhD winter 2021
Serena Sinno Variation in flower morphology enhances wild bee diversity in urban systems
MSc spring 2022
Stefania Strantza International environmental agreements - Heterogeneity, transfers and issue linkage
PhD fall 2018
Zeynab Yousefzadeh Prospective Life Cycle Assessment in surface engineering: Case studies on a novel thermal spray coating system and a novel coating removal method
MASc fall 2021
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