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Mikaela Gerwing

PhD Student

Junior Associate

Loyola Sustainability Research Centre

Mikaela Gerwing is a wildlife conservation biologist and current PhD student studying primatology under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Turner. Mikaela received her BSc. in Natural Resources Conservation, Global Perspectives from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in 2019 and her MS. in Nonprofit Management from Columbia University, New York in 2022 (summa cum laude). Mikaela has worked in wildlife conservation, rehabilitation and research on four continents and spent two years working as a conservation biologist and rehabber at Taricaya Eco Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

Her current PhD research is focused on the rehabilitation and reintroduction of formerly captive bearded capuchin monkeys (Sapajus libidinosus) in northeastern Brazil centered around themes of animal personality, human-wildlife coexistence and applied conservation management. Through her research, Mikaela seeks to answer the question: how do behavioural measures of animal personality influence the reintroduction success of bearded capuchin monkeys in Brazil?

Mikaela is working in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment at Concordia University under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Turner.

The title of MIkaela's thesis project is Rehabilitation of captive capuchin monkeys (Sapajus libidinosus): Animal personality and reintroduction success.

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