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A Selection of Research Projects

Using fractal analysis to determine if physical impairment in Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) alters behavioural movement complexity
Supporting the possibilities of urban commoning in Montreal’s Champ des Possibles. Photo credit: Amy R. Poteete
A map of the island of Montreal with different colours Urban development in Montreal (map by M. Reid; data from Nazarnia et al. 2016)
The role of data in smart waste management and circular economy systems at local scales
Image of a car in a subusrban area The relationship between urban sprawl and multiple ecosystem services in Montreal
Image of a road with a moose crossing warnig sign Changes in habitat amount, fragmentation, and connectivity in the Adirondacks to Laurentians (A2L) transboundary wildlife linkage
Image of the mind mouth heart urban garden mind. heart. mouth. Collective gardening, design, and community care
African village landscape Protests against large-scale land acquisitions, electoral democracy, and the emergence of rural citizenship in Senegal (Photo credit: Marie Gagné)
A forest salmon stream An ecological and hydrogeomorphological approach to predicting and restoring salmonid abundance (Photo credit: Kyleisha Foote)
A watercolour painting of a mountainous green landscape with a river running through it Advancing the consideration of ecological connectivity in Environmental Assessment (painting by Charla Patterson)
A research vehicle pulled over to the side of the highway Wildlife mortality in the Eastern Townships before mitigation measures (photo credit: Steffy Velosa).
Image of weaving Rethinking textiles in an age of waste
Assessing the contribution of public and private green space to urban forest diversity in Montreal: Patterns of functional diversity
Enhancing biodiversity, social inclusion, and climate resilience through informal urban green spaces in Montreal
Science-based targets for corporate greenhouse gas emissions
Aerial photo of Montreal Assessing the degree of landscape fragmentation in Canada over the past 50-70 yrs
Map of Europe with 60 cities, half with and half without greenbelts Analyzing the effects of greenbelts on urban sprawl in European cities
Image of a daisy Relative influence of local and landscape variables on native bee communities in urban ecosystems (Photo credit: Serena Sinno)
Stylized image of an electric car Planning transport systems with sustainable development and the SDGs
Aerial view of urban sprawl in Montreal Urban sprawl in Canada in all Census Metropolitan Areas and corresponding Census Subdivisions (photo credit: Craig Townsend).
The politics of knowledge production in natural resources management: water management in Brazil (Photo credit: Rubens Lima Moraes)
Cape Race brook trout Effects of intraspecific diversity and eco-evolutionary feedbacks on climate change adaptation in Cape Race brook trout
Dead turtle Modelling potential high-turtle presence zones along roads and their application to Québec (photo credits: Michael Rolheiser)
Prcupine crossing underneath a road How do roadkill hotspots and coldspots align on two parallel highways in southern Québec?
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