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A Selection of Research Projects

JapaneseMacaqueM2216 Using fractal analysis to determine if physical impairment in Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) alters behavioural movement complexity
Champs_des_Possibles Supporting the possibilities of urban commoning in Montreal’s Champ des Possibles Photo credit: Amy R. Poteete
Urban Sprawl MTL photo Craig Townsend_opt Envisioning urban development in Montreal for 2050 (Photo credit: Craig Townsend)
question What, if anything, is sustainability? Cross-disciplinary conversations in search of solutions
Emily_Kroft Exploring the relationship between urban sprawl and multiple ecosystem services in Montreal
research-improving-roads-for-wildlife-banner-vg Past, present and future land-use in the Adirondack-Laurentians Ecological Corridor
mind.heart.mouth. Collective gardening, design, and community care mind.heart.mouth. Collective gardening, design, and community care
Sinno_bees Relative influence of local and landscape variables on native bee communities in urban ecosystems (Photo credit: Serena Sinno)
Senegal_min Protests against large-scale land acquisitions, electoral democracy, and the emergence of rural citizenship in Senegal (Photo credit: Marie Gagné)
flickr-montreal-park-lima-pix-460 Assessing the contribution of public and private green space to urban forest diversity in Montreal: Patterns of functional diversity
Forest_Switzerland The meaning of forests: How climate change mitigation strategies affect local relationships to forests in Switzerland
Science-based targets for corporate environmental sustainability Science-based targets for corporate environmental sustainability
Fragmentated_landscape Assessing the degree of landscape fragmentation in Canada over the past 50-70 yrs
Claire_Oneill_Sanger_Site_opt Reconstructing environmental variability over the past millennium in southeastern Québec
20130912-President-Alan-Shepard-Meet-Greet-Loyola-BBQ-347-600x400 Dynamics of change in transition toward sustainability: Insights from institutional theory
raffi-schieir-plastic-waste-1920px The role of data in smart waste management and circular economy systems at local scales
salvelinus-fontinalis-brooke-trout-460 Effects of intraspecific diversity and eco-evolutionary feedbacks on potential climate change adaptation in Cape Race brook trout
BrazilDam The politics of knowledge production in natural resources management: water management in Brazil (Photo credit: Rubens Lima Moraes)
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