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Yogi Joseph

PhD Student

Junior Associate

Loyola Sustainability Research Centre

Image of Yogi Joseph Yogi Joseph

Yogi Joseph is a PhD candidate at Concordia University, Montreal. He is deeply invested in fostering a bottom-up understanding of transport infrastructure. Deploying mobile methods such as shadowing, walk-along and ride-along interviews, he invites granular attention to the  micropractices employed by mobile actors on public transport. His work examines the intersubjectivities and daily socialities formed in and around such spaces. He enjoys using audio and video recordings of everyday mobility as means of fostering a deeper understanding of movement and transport infrastructure. His recent publications investigate the steady decline of cycling and locking-in of automobility in Indian cities. Outside of transport, his interests involve 90s bollywood melodies and test cricket.

Yogi is working under the supervision of Professors Govind Gopakumar at the Center for Engineering in Society and Craig Townsend in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment.

The working title of Yogi's thesis is Exclusionary effects of transport infrastructure on slow movers.

Yogi can be reached via email at yogi.joseph AT

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