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Undergraduate Co-op

The Institute offers internship opportunities to students in over 70 academic programs across all faculties. By alternating between study terms and three internships, you'll get a head-start on your career, the chance to apply what you've learned in class, and the opportunity to gain practical work experience.

Program benefits

Along with a competitive edge when you're ready to join the workforce after graduation, there are many benefits to participating in the Undergraduate Co-op. They include the opportunity to:

  • Enhance your career skills through webinars and practical in-person sessions
  • Receive assistance and support in finding an internship in your field
  • Apply your academic learnings and gain work experience in a "real world" setting
  • Take advantage of networking and mentoring opportunities

Internship criteria

All internships must:

  • Be paid, full-time positions (minimum 35 hrs./week) that are relevant to your program of study
  • Start in September, January or May and last between 12 to 17 weeks
  • Build upon your previous experiences and push you further, even when staying within the same company
  • Not be supervised by a family member

Eligibility for students

Admission to the Institute is a competitive process. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee entrance into the Institute's offerings.  

  • You must meet the minimum CGPA requirements (if you have been at Concordia for at least a semester), but doing so does not guarantee admission. If you do not yet have a CGPA from Concordia, this criteria will be waived.
  • You must have sufficient credits remaining in your degree to accommodate 3 work terms alternating between academic terms. For students at the John Molson School of Business and at the Faculty of Arts & Science, you must have at least 60 credits remaining. For students at the Gina Cody School of Engineering, you must have at least 90 credits remaining – and for students in the Computer Science program you must have at least 60 credits remaining.
  • You must be registered in a Concordia undergraduate academic program that has a Co-op option, :

Required steps to complete the Co-op program

To successfully complete the Undergraduate Co-op program students must:

NOTE: Prior to the first work term students must apply to, interview for, and be hired for an internship. Likewise for the second and third internship opportunities.

Student policies

After acceptance to the Institute you'll have access to the handbook, that covers such policies as:

  • Student must maintain the minimum CGPA required for their program of study

  • Students must maintain full-time status while they are a member of the Institute. Undergraduate students must take at least 12 credits in a term to maintain full-time status, whether in the summer, fall, or winter - when not on an Institute internship.

  • Students must be physically located in Montreal the entire term prior to their internship to attend interviews with employers

  • With training, support and access to opportunities through the Institute, students are responsible for securing their internships

  • Students are responsible for paying the fee associated with the offering they join 

  • Students must complete a minimum of two study terms after admission to Undergraduate Co-op prior to their internship term

  • Students may take a maximum of one course during their internship term (including one course over the entire summer term). They must obtain approval of their sequence from their Academic Director when any changes are made. They must also obtain written permission from their employer and the course must not interfere with their internship, nor conflict with normal business hours.
  • Students cannot renege on an accepted internship offer. A student that refuses to undertake the internship will be withdrawn from the Institute and will receive a Fail grade on the work term course for that internship which appears on their transcript for the associated term, and they will be ineligible to apply to other Institute offerings in the future.
  • Students must return to an academic term during which they are taking only academic credits after the internship term, the last semester at the university cannot be on an internship

  • The Institute must approve all internships and all employers prior to a student accepting an offer

  • Students who are not proficient in French must be willing to do their internship outside of Quebec

  • Students must complete all training, academic, reflective learning and Institute requirements as directed

  • Once withdrawn from an Institute offering students may not reapply to the same offering at the Institute (undergraduate co-op, C.Edge, ACE, graduate Co-op).  

Note: Students are responsible for knowing the rules, regulations, policies and deadlines in the Undergraduate Calendar. The Institute is not responsible should students encounter any difficulties registering for academic courses, paying tuition and fees and/or applying for graduation.

International students must be registered in a full-time course load during academic terms regardless of the above mentioned policies for Canadian students.

  • International students should refer to the International Students Office for all questions regarding such matters including course registration requirements, immigration, work visa and student status
  • International students will receive a letter of support from the Institute upon admission to the program in order to apply for their Co-op work permit. Students are responsible for completing the application process and obtaining the work permit as soon as possible
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