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Program benefits

The benefits of participating in the Undergraduate Co-op are unquestionable and abundant. Here are just a few:

  • Enhance your career-skills through career development webinars and practical in-person sessions.
  • Receive assistance and support in finding an internship in your field.
  • Gain work experience in your field without making a long-term commitment.
  • Apply academic knowledge and theoretical concepts in a practical work environment.
  • Take advantage of networking and mentoring opportunities.
  • Gain important soft skills and develop independence.
  • Have a competitive edge when you join the workforce full-time.


"My overall internship experience enabled me to discover the different types of employment my program had to offer and that I could pursue after my graduation. Also, I realized my ability to surpass myself as both a student and an employee. Co-op is an awesome way to (1) learn on a daily basis: Manage a full-time schedule from the beginning to the end of my Co-op sequence; (2) to ask questions: to ensure I do the work right; (3) exercise my professional tools (i.e. soft and hard skills): to demonstrate what I am most skilled at when opportunities occur and build further professional experience."

- Chloé-Ann Berce, sociology

"Before I started co-op, I had almost no professional experience in my field of study (Accounting). If it weren’t for CO-OP, I wouldn't have secured positions at Baker Tilly and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) that was exclusively available for co-op students. Given that all 3 of my internships were in accounting firms, it gave me first hand exposure to working with clients across a wide range of industries that allowed me to gain the right experience to best prepare for the workforce.

The invaluable experience I gained from my co-op internships were a great asset to me in securing a job in technology consulting in IBM's Entry Level Consulting Leadership Program.

My internships were all exceptional. My first internship at Baker Tilly was a great first hand look at working with small businesses and doing a bit of everything for clients from tax preparation to notice to readers. It was an excellent working environment with many great mentors and leaders to learn from. When I joined PwC for my second and third internship, I really enjoyed the working culture as well. I was fortunate enough to have gotten exposure to 2 firms during my time in CO-OP and enjoyed working with everyone. The best highlight was my orientation at PwC where I was flew to Toronto for a week to meet summer interns from across Canada and built a very strong network from that exposure."

- Brenden Kumarasamy, Accountancy  

"I just completed my third work term last summer, and all 3 work terms I found thanks to Co-op and I am VERY grateful for that. In particular, CO-OP organized a session with CSIS Canada and I went to that session and ended up applying for my last internship. This information CO-OP session with the employer really changed my life. I ended up applying after attending the session. Everything went well and I worked last summer in a dev team. My passion was to always go into artificial intelligence but I know this is not an introductory field with my typical bachelor's degree--but during my internship, I expressed my interest and got an interview with their AI team and ended up securing an internship this summer. I am now working there and it is so far an amazing experience with a real possibility to secure a job in AI right after I graduate. All this would have not been accomplished had it not been for CO-OP and I am EXTREMELY thankful for the work you all do to set up average grades students like me get an opportunity of a lifetime!"

-Brinda Rebeka, Software Engineering


Internship criteria

As with all internships, it must be:

  • Paid
  • Minimum 35 hours per week, full-time.
  • 12 to 17 weeks 
  • Start in September, January or May
  • For successive internships need to build on your previous experiences and push you further, even when staying within the same company.
  • Cannot be supervised by a family member.
  • Relevant to program of study.



  • Admission to the Institute is a competitive process, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee entrance into the Institute's programs.
  • All applications must be confirmed by your department before being finalized.
  • Meet the minimum grade requirements for your program. See criteria for your program on the How To Apply page.
  • Must be registered in a Concordia University undergraduate academic program which has a Undergraduate Co-op option:



Once you have been accepted at the Institute you will have access to the Handbook with the full listing of policies. Here are just a few:

  • Students must be physically located in Montreal in the semester prior to their internship in order to attend interviews with employers (i.e. you cannot be actively applying for internships while on a study/work abroad).
  • Are ultimately responsible for finding an internship; an internship is not guaranteed
  • Cannot rescind an accepted internship offer. A student that rescinds an accepted internship offer will be immediately withdrawn and will not be eligible to re-apply to the institute's program in a future admission term.
  • Must complete 3 internships to be eligible to graduate with the Co-op Institute mention.
  • Must complete all Career Fundamentals, academic and reflective learning requirements as directed
  • Must have at least 3 credits remaining in their program after their final internship and finish their academic program on a study-term; students cannot graduate on an internship
  • May take one course during their internship with permission of their employer; the course must not interfere with regular business hours
  • Who are not proficient in French must be willing to do their internship outside the province of Quebec
  • Must remain a full-time student throughout the program and register for at least 12 credits per study term. You must be either on a work term or in school full-time each term, including summer
  • Note: The Institute does not provide advising on academic matters. It is the student's responsibility for knowing the rules, regulations, policies and deadlines in the undergraduate calendar. The institute is not responsible should students encounter any difficulties registering for academic courses, paying tuition and fees and/or applying for graduation.

International student policies:

  • International students are required to be registered in a full-time course load during academic terms, regardless of the above policies. International students must always refer to the International Students Office for all questions regarding course registration requirements, immigration, work visa, student status, etc.
  •  International students will receive a letter of support for their Co-op work permit application from the Institute upon admission to the program.

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