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Career development & mentorship

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Student learning and professional development

The Student Learning and Professional Development (SLPD) team provides students who are members of the Institute a unique set of services that prepare you for the leap into the workplace, giving you a competitive edge. We teach you how to research and apply for work term positions, develop your skills and give you the support you need to perform well in the classroom and during your work term. We’re here for you.

As an Institute student, you have access to:

  • An orientation session
  • Career preparation seminars
  • Professional development workshops
  • Training on Excel, and access to think-cell, a chart and layout software for Powerpoint
  • Career and academic counselling services
  • Peer mentors
  • Speaker series and special events

Peer-to-peer mentorship

The Institute mentorship program offers new Institute students a mentor who is an experienced Institute student during a one-year period. The mentor offers guidance and support while the new student is preparing for their first internship including applying for jobs and doing interviews. The relationship that is built benefits both the mentor and the mentee as they learn about each other and the experiences each have had.

As mentors, students gain co-curricular credit, build their network, gain experience as a coach, and develop their soft skills.

As mentees, students receive support and gain knowledge about their transition to university, their internship search, and how to achieve academic and professional success. 

Christina Christou, BComm 15, co-founder of the C2I mentorship program with her mentor Alexander Chau, BComm 12.

Co-op to Industry Mentorship Program (C2I)

In this program, a Co-op senior student (mentee) is paired with a Co-op alumnus (mentor). Together they participate in a mutually-beneficial learning experience, the objective of which is to help the senior student transition smoothly from school to the working world. The Institute for Co-operative Education is responsible for coordinating the Co-op to Industry Mentorship Program and offers professional development opportunities for both mentees and mentors.

Would you like to learn more about the C2I program?

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