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All students enrolled at the Institute are obligated to pay the Institute fees, in addition to their regular academic program tuition and fees. This contributes to partially covering the services, resources, and support students are offered as members of the Institute.

Undergraduate Co-op Fees

$197.25 x 8

Total Fee: $1,578

ACE Fees

$394.50 x 4

Total Fee: $1,578

C.Edge Fees

$197.25 x 4

Total Fee: $789

Graduate Program Fees

$197.25 x 4

Total Fee: $789

Please note that for all Programs at the Institute, fees are non-refundable. Students who withdraw from the Institute must do so prior to May 1st, September 1st or January 1st. Once withdrawals are processed, no future fees will be charged.

The Total Fee is charged in increments of $197.25, and is charged over the student's enrollment at the Institute depending on their work-study sequence. Students are typically charged either one fee (1x 197.25 ) or two fees (2x 197.25) per term, for a maximum total amount as indicated above. Students will not be charged fees after their final internship term.

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