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Everyone involved at the Institute uses Compass – faculty, staff, students and employers. It’s our online platform that helps you manage all your activities. 

Students use Compass to: 

  • Get hired for internships: Upload resumés and cover letters, apply for positions, confirm interviews, and accept offers 
  • Participate in reflective learning activities 
  • Review study-work sequence 
  • Register for workshops, book meetings with program co-ordinators 
  • View and download documentation and forms 

Students access Compass by logging in to the Student Hub > My CU Account > Career & professional development. 

Employers use Compass to:

  • Recruit interns: post positions, review applications, select candidates, create interview schedules and submit rankings of selected students to send offers
  • Provide feedback to students during supervisor assessments and evaluations
  • See updates, important reminders, and useful information

Faculty and staff use Compass to:

  • Communicate with students, employers and work term supervisors
  • Review student profiles and work term records, including grading work term reports and presentations
  • Manage postings and applications
  • Schedule study-work sequence
  • Schedule appointments 
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